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Tips for Picking a Delicious Wine With Your Fish Dish

Fish and wine pairing, Dis&Dis wine store

Classical wine pairing rules tell us that we should serve white wine with the starters and red wine with the main courses, however, what happens if the main dish is fish?


Another classic rule of wine pairing is that fish should be served with white wine, but what happens if the main dish is a tuna steak accompanied by red wine sauce? Do we also need to pair the dish with white wine? This is when wine pairing gets a bit messy.


In this article, we will tell you the basic rules of wine pairing with fish and we will give you the 10 best recommendations to pair with healthy fish recipes so you will find your perfect match for a weeknight dinner, or a special dinner.


Fish & Wine Pairing


At the beginning of the 20th century, it was established in France a decalogue of classic pairing rules. One of those rules mentioned that “no great red wine can be served with fish, crustaceans or molluscs unless the fish has been cooked with red wine sauce”. So, you need to avoid highly acidic wines and bodied reds unless the sauce is made with red wine.


So, fish dishes pair with acids and not with tannins. When it comes to fish recipes, think of wine as if it were the squeeze of lemon that is squeezed over the fish dish. Fish has little fat and, therefore, will need to be paired with a low tannin content to enhance its flavour.


An example of classical wine pairing is that young complex and structured white wines will pair well with white fish, such as cod, sole, flounder or sea bass. An excellent example would be pairing it with a nice dry sauvignon blanc.


If you are having red meat fish or fatty fish, such as Norwegian salmon recipes or tuna, we recommend pairing it with full-bodied white wines, such as an oaked Chardonnay or Viognier, or red wines low in tannins, such as a Beaujolais easy-to-drink red wine.


If you are adding a delicate sauce to your fish, then we recommend a light white wine, with an alcohol content of approximately 12.5%, such as a Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc or an Albariño.


If you are making a sole fish recipe, that is accompanied by butter, lemon, mushrooms, or spinach, then we would recommend pairing it with a rich style white Burgundy, that will complement the fish flavour.


If you are a pasta lover and you would like to add fish to the dish, such as for example, Fettuccine Nero with cuttlefish and shrimp, you should choose wines with more body. In this case, the pairing suggestion would be full-bodied white wines aged in wood to balance the intensity of the dish.


Fish soups and vegetable creams with light flavours pair perfectly with young and fruity white wines.


Wines that go well with fish. Our 10 best Recommendations


Mar de Frades Albariño: Very popular spanish wine from D.O. Rias Baixas, produced by the Mar de Frades Winery located in Galicia. It is made of Albariño grapes that come from vineyards that are more than 20 years old.

This wine is excellent to pair with white fish that have a delicate sauce. We suggest a serving temperature of 11ÂșC. A fun fact about this wine, if the wine is at its right consuming temperature, a small boat will appear on the label.


Pinot Grigio Valdadige 2021: Great Italian wine made 100% of Pinot Grigio grapes. It is a dry white wine produced by Santa Margherita winery in the Italian region of Trento. It has the D.O.C Trento, with a 12.5% alcohol content.

This wine presents golden apple notes. We recommend pairing this wine with fish dishes that are accompanied by delicate sauces. We recommend a serving temperature of between 10ÂșC and 12ÂșC


Julienas 2020: Easy to drink Beaujolais red wine from the Beaujolais region in France. It is a dry wine made 100% of Gamay grapes.

It has been produced by the famous winery Louis Latour. This wine can pair well with salmon or tuna dishes. It has notes of mint, red fruit and spices. We suggest a serving temperature of 16ÂșC.


Terras Gaudas Oak 2019: Spanish white wine from D.O. Rias Baixas, in Galicia. It is a blend of Albariño, Caiño Blanco and Loureiro grapes.

It is a full-bodied white wine with delicate notes of Chamoli flower and ripe peach. It is ideal to pair with fish and pasta dishes, such as fettuccine nero. We recommend a serving temperature of between 9ÂșC and 12ÂșC


Mingorra Sauvignon Blanc: This great Portuguese white wine will pair well with white fish, such as cod dishes. It is made 100% of Sauvignon Blanc grapes from D.O.C Alentejo.

It is produced by Herdade da Mingorra winery. It presents fresh aromas, with hints of tropical fruit and grapefruit. We suggest a serving temperature of 10ÂșC


Herdade dos Grous Reserva 2020: Portuguese White wine from D.O. Alentejo, produced by Herdade Dos Grous. It is a blend of Antao Vaz, Verdelho and Viogner grapes.

It is a reserve dry white wine from 2020 with an alcohol content of 13.5%. It presents notes of green apple with notes of vanilla oak. It is ideal to pair with fatty fish like salmon, tuna or black cod. We recommend a serving temperature of between 10ÂșC and 12ÂșC


Dehesa del Carrizal Chardonnay 2018: Spanish white wine from D.O. Pago Dehesa del Carrizal. It is an excellent 100% Chardonnay wine that comes from vineyards that are more than 25 years old. It has been produced by Dehesa del Carrizal Winery.

This wine presents white fruit flavour aromas and hints of honey and pastry. We suggest a serving temperature of between 10ÂșC and 12ÂșC.

Chablis Chardonnay Jean Marc Brocard: Burgundy white wine from the AOC Chablis. It is produced by the winery Jean-Marc Borcard and is made from exclusively chardonnay grapes.

It presents aromas of citrus and stone fruit, lemon and peach. This wine pairs perfectly with a sole fish recipe. We suggest a serving temperature of between 12Âș and 14ÂșC

Immortalis Albariño 2018: Albariño white wine from D.O Rias Baixas, produced by Pago Ayles winery. The Albariño grapes come from vineyards over 45 years old.

This wine presents aromas of pear, apple, nectarine and melon. We recommend pairing this wine with white fish. We suggest a serving temperature of between 7 and 8ÂșC

Sapientia Sauvignon Blanc Organic 2018: Organic White wine made 100% from sauvignon blanc grapes that come from a vineyard with over 20 years. It has been produced by the winery Lagar de Moha, located in D.O. Rueda.

It is a fresh wine, with high aromatic intensity with notes of mint, citrus and fresh basil. This wine is great to pair it with light fish dishes and vegetables. We suggest a serving temperature of 12ÂșC


We hope that we made choosing wines to pair with fish dishes a little bit easier. If you want to discover more wines that will make delicious pairings, go to our online wine store and you will find a wide range of international wines.


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See you next time, wine lovers,


Victoria Estrada