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Because good wines deserve to be accompanied by the right ancillary products, we have put together this selection of gourmet products where we will add different premium products one by one.

We started with extra virgin olive oil made in the most popular regions of Spain and organic Indian teas, which will make you want to leave the monotony behind and discover new and surprising tastes.

Our extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the best olive varieties, comes from olive groves with millennial trees, and is 100% cold pressed. The superior quality of this oil is not only felt in the flavours on your plate but also in the health benefits.

For tea enthusiasts, we've brought a selection of organic teas from the heart of India that will reveal a whole new world of tastes and scents. From the famous Turmeric teas to the classic black tea, you'll discover a comprehensive range of Vahdam teas here.

Let yourself be won over by the unique tastes and quality of the gourmet products in this section. Order now and treat yourself to an unforgettable experience right at home!