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The benefits of wine

The benefits of wine

It is well known that wine, consumed in reasonable quantities, has many health benefits . Today we will talk about a medical discovery from the 1980s.

It is known as the " French paradox " and it is a nutritionally curious fact that in the late 1980's it was noticed that the French, despite being high consumers of saturated fats (butter, cream, cheese), they had a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease than in other developed countries, such as Finland, Germany and the United Kingdom, or the United States.

The French had a 5-10 times lower risk of cardiovascular disease than the British.

Scientists have wondered ... What is behind this paradox? After several investigations, most of the explanations focused on the balancing role of  red wine , with its beneficial effects on the heart , recognized due to its high polyphenol content .

From the whole range of polyphenols contained in wine, the researchers tried to find out which is the fundamental one, from the first moment one stood out:  Resveratrol .

Let's find out more about this compound. Resveratrol is a polyphenol that is present in the skin of grapes, which occurs naturally in response to plant stress (ultraviolet light, pests or pathogens in vineyards, drought, etc.) and which contributes to the characteristic color of the wine.

This compound has been attributed strong antioxidant properties and several biological properties , such as mimicking the effects of caloric restriction and anti-inflammatory effects .

In scientific studies of resveratrol and cardiovascular disease and diabetes, current clinical trials show that resveratrol can positively influence the biological markers of these conditions.

It is important to note that this positive effect of wine is maintained in the case of moderate consumption, with excessive consumption having a negative effect; it is recommended not to exceed the consumption of 2-3 units per day for men, and 1-1.5 units for women (one unit being equal to a glass of wine of 80-100 ml).

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Next time, wine lovers,

The DiS & DiS team