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Hidden Gems Wines


The wines proposed in this selection are truly unique, as they come from varieties that have either been recovered and have resisted Phylloxera or are the result of crosses of popular varieties. 

These wines from less common varieties have gained popularity among wine lovers around the world in recent years. These new varieties have different aromatic values, an innovative flavour palette and surprising textures. 

Among the varieties that stand out in this category are:

  • Treixadura wines

Treixadura is a white grape variety found in Galicia, Spain. Wines made from Treixadura are known for their aromatic profile, which combines floral notes with hints of citrus and stone fruit. Treixadura wines are highly prized for their elegance, complexity and ability to age well.

  • Caíño wines

Caíño is an indigenous red grape variety, also native to Galicia in Spain. Caíño wines have a distinct personality, with red fruit flavours, lively acidity and earthy nuances. They often possess a rustic charm and can vary in style from lighter and fruity to more concentrated and intense. 

  • Espadeiro wines

 Espadeiro is a red grape variety commonly found in the Vinho Verde region of Portugal. Wines made from Espadeiro grapes are usually light and fresh, with bright red fruit flavours, moderate acidity and a delicate tannic structure. These wines often exhibit a lively and youthful character, making them a delightful choice for casual, easy-drinking occasions.

  • Picapoll wines

Folle blanche, Picapoll or Picpoul, is a white grape variety grown mainly in the Languedoc region of France. Wines made from Picapoll grapes are known for their bright acidity, juicy citrus flavours and mineral character. These wines are crisp, refreshing and often have a distinctive saline note, making them ideal for seafood.

  • Koshu wines

Koshu is a white grape variety native to Japan and grown mainly in Yamanashi prefecture. It produces delicate and elegant wines with a pale colour and subtle flavours. Koshu wines are limited edition and are known for their crisp acidity, light body and flavours that often include notes of green apple, citrus and white flowers. 


Each of these grape varieties brings its own unique qualities and flavours to the world of wine, representing the diversity and richness of different wine-growing regions and their winemaking traditions. Exploring unique wines made from these grape varieties offers an exciting opportunity to discover new and distinct expressions in the world of wine.