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Vinuri Chardonnay


Discover an exciting collection of Chardonnay wines that showcase the versatility and charm of this remarkable grape variety.

Chardonnay has won worldwide acclaim for its ability to produce wines of extraordinary character and its versatility when blended with other grape varieties.

Originating in Burgundy, France, this noble grape has since spread its roots to all wine-growing regions of the world, from California to Australia, offering a wide range of styles to suit all tastes. It possesses the remarkable ability to adapt to different winemaking techniques and terroirs, resulting in an impressive spectrum of flavours.

Our selection of Chardonnay wines manages to capture the distinctive characteristics of this grape variety. From sparkling and vibrant expressions that burst with notes of citrus and green apples, to opulent and unctuous oak-aged wines that boast aromas of ripe stone fruit and vanilla, each bottle tells a unique story.

From single-varietal Chardonnays to savoury blends of Chardonnay or non-alcoholic wines, you've got it all here. We challenge you to discover the flavours of Chardonnay wines made in different regions of France and Spain.

This selection will satisfy both the curious novice and the experienced connoisseur. Step up your wine experience and rediscover the magic of Chardonnay wines today.