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Explore non-alcoholic sparkling wines from France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Alcohol-free sparkling wines have gained popularity as a refreshing and festive alternative for those who prefer to avoid or reduce alcohol consumption.

France offers non-alcoholic sparkling wines that capture the essence of traditional French viticulture with creamy bubbles, crisp acidity and fruity flavours. Baron de Chanteclerc wines are perfect for celebrations, toasts or simply to enjoy as an aperitif.

Germany also offers zero alcohol versions such as the organic Pearl Blanc wine. These wines feature lively bubbles and fruity notes. This non-alcoholic wine is ideal for brunches, or social gatherings.

Famous Italian sparkling wines have non-alcoholic versions by Princess Winery.
These Italian alcohol free sparkling wines offer a lively effervescence, delicate fruit flavours and a refreshing character.

They are ideal for casual get-togethers, picnics or as a sparkling option for non-drinkers during special occasions.

As for non-alcoholic Spanish sparkling wines, we offer two options from Elivo. These pink and white sparkling wines can be enjoyed during celebrations, outdoor events or as a refreshing choice in summer.

Non-alcoholic sparkling wines can be enjoyed in a variety of contexts. They are a great choice for people who prefer not to consume alcohol, designated drivers or those with specific dietary or health restrictions.

These de-alcoholized wines offer a delightful alternative for celebrations, toasts, brunches, children's christenings or any other occasion where the effervescence and festivity of sparkling wine is desired.