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Vinuri Garnacha


We offer a wide selection of single-variety Garnacha wines or cupajes made in countries such as Spain, France, Morocco or U.S.A..

Garnacha, also known as Grenache in France, is a versatile grape variety with a rich history. Native to Spain, it has gained popularity worldwide and is grown in various wine-growing regions around the world.

Garnacha wines can be found in Spain, especially in regions such as Catalonia, Aragon and Rioja, where it thrives in hot, arid climates. It is also prominent in the southern Rhône Valley of France and in the Languedoc-Roussillon region.

Here we offer a wide range of wine styles, from light and fruity to full-bodied and complex. In its lighter expression, Garnacha wines exhibits aromas of red berries, cherries and spice, with soft tannins and vibrant acidity. As it develops into a more robust wine, it can exhibit richer fruit flavors, notes of black pepper, licorice and even a hint of earthiness.

The Garnacha wines suggested here pair well with a variety of foods. Its fruity and approachable nature makes it an excellent partner for grilled meats, roasted vegetables and hearty stews.

Explore the diverse world of Garnacha wines and indulge in their seductive aromas and food-friendly character.