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Our Commitment

Our Commitment

For a better world, a fairer society and a reinvented viticulture.

A vineyard is not just a patch of land, it is part of the identity, culture and heritage of a family, a region and often even a country.

The disappearance of a vineyard is not part of a natural cycle, it is the disappearance of a piece of the tradition and history of a family, a winery, a community, or even a country.

This is why one of the pillars of the Dis&Dis project has been sustainability and the choice of our partners has been and will always be based on this.

From how water is consumed in irrigation, to how harvesting takes place, to how thick the wine bottle is, to how connected the winery is to the local community, all weigh into our decision to add a new wine to the online catalogue.

All wineries in our catalogue have optimised wine-making processes, use renewable energy, use their own residues as fertiliser, protect local fauna and flora and are actively involved in the economic and cultural development of local communities.

Between all these wineries in different corners of the world and Romania we wanted to bridge the gap without wasting resources on a long retail chain. That's why we buy products directly from the source.

This way we optimise carbon emissions and the final prices of our products. You enjoy free transport, the wineries better prices, nature clean air.

From Champagne to Terra Remota, good wines deserve the same pedestal. We give equal opportunities to small or young wineries, who bet on new winemaking methods and thus discover bottled gems hidden in regions not yet known to the general public.

By choosing our wines, you become part of all our present and future projects, part of a better world, a fairer society and a reinvented viticulture.