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About Us

Wine isn´t a drink, it´s a story in a bottle

Our beginnings

We have been dedicated to the world of wine since the late 90s, sharing our daily life between Romania and Spain. We have inherited the passion for the art of winemaking from generation to generation and have travelled all over the world, visiting wineries and vineyards. We are glad that today we can share our knowledge gained over the years through Dis&Dis, a shop dedicated to all wine lovers in Romania.

Our vision and

Our mission is to bridge the gap between Romanian wine lovers and the world's finest wines. Wherever you are in Romania, we want you to be able to enjoy authentic wines, without the hassle of delivery costs and just a few clicks away.

The products we present in our catalogue are purchased directly from the wineries. We do not work with intermediaries for the simple fact that we like to get to know the places, the people, the vineyards, the stories and the winemaking craft of each of the wines we propose. In this way, we can always guarantee and defend the quality of Dis&Dis wines.

A new perspective

The elegance of a glass of wine can accompany a quiet dinner or a glamorous party in equal measure. That's why we want to make choosing your favourite wine easier than ever and take the hesitation out of trying new flavours.

We're dedicated to inspiring you and helping you discover your favourites, one glass at a time. We help you match wine to every context and every menu. Because choosing a wine should not be accompanied by any other emotion than that of the courier's arrival.

We're on trend

We pride ourselves on being able to offer you the latest wines from each winery belonging to our group of collaborators. By rotation, a selection of the latest releases is incorporated into our catalogue each month.

Anyone can enjoy the hottest releases wherever they are: from the bustling centre of Bucharest and the bohemian streets of Timișoara to sunny Constanța.

What's more, we love discovering new wines with you. If you have a favourite wine that is not yet part of our selection, write to us and we will bring it to you!

Customized recommendations

Whether you're a wine connoisseur or just discovering your passion, we want to build a friendly community for all wine lovers. Our team of specialists will be with you every step of the way to help and guide you in your choices. Choosing wine has never been easier!

To discover some of the recommendations thought up by our team you can use our online chat or write to us at

We bring the wines
directly from the cellars

What is our secret to making new wines available so quickly? We work directly with the wineries, without intermediaries. We only work with wineries that have their own vineyards, that are dedicated exclusively to winemaking, wineries with a long tradition, but also young wineries that are innovating in the world of wine. The beautiful friendships we have built with our partner wineries have made it possible to offer affordable prices and exclusive product launches.

We want you to be able to enjoy the same wine at home that you could enjoy in Spain, France or Portugal, Italy or Germany.

Beyond the price

We believe that choosing a wine should go beyond price. In order to choose your wines according to your preferences and not according to cost, we strive to keep prices affordable. And because we only want you to invest in your favourite wines, we offer free shipping throughout Romania.

A promise in a bottle

We promise that in the Dis&Dis shop you will find only excellent, award-winning wines suitable for any occasion and any dish.

You won't go wrong choosing our wines.

Whether you want a wine for a party, a family gathering, an evening with friends or simply a little pampering at the end of a hard day, you'll find the right wines here.

We aim to constantly surprise you with new flavours and make your wine choice easier than ever.

Meet the Wineries behind
the Brand