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Non-alcoholic white wines are perfect for occasions when you want to enjoy the flavours and freshness of a white wine, but alcohol may not be part of your diet.

In this selection we offer alternatives to classic white wine. These non-alcoholic white wines come from Germany and Spain and are made with varieties such as Albariño, Chardonnay, Riesling, Verdejo and more.

They are produced using techniques such as gentle de-alcoholisation to preserve the full spectrum of flavours. These non-alcoholic white wines pair well with light dishes, seafood, salads, vegetarian meals and light cheeses.

They are ideal for enjoying at a variety of occasions including daytime gatherings, picnics and brunches, serving as an ideal choice for designated drivers, people with dietary restrictions or those who prefer not to consume alcohol.

With their versatility and ability to offer a similar taste experience, non-alcoholic white wines offer a delightful alternative for those seeking the freshness and flavors of white wine in all contexts.