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Rioja Wines


The Rioja region, a true paradise for wine lovers. From classic Rioja wines made from the famous Tempranillo grape to innovative cuvees matured in oak barrels to perfection, this region of central Spain is internationally renowned for its wines.

Whether you're new to wine or a true expert Rioja has the right wine for you.
Rioja Joven wines are the youngest and express the freshness and fruitiness of the region's varieties. Crianza wines have been matured in oak barrels for at least a year, offering complexity and additional flavours, while Rioja Reserva wines are the finest and most elegant, benefiting from a long maturation in oak barrels and bottle.

White Rioja wines are just as delicious as the reds, and the local varieties manage to surprise with their fragrance and complexity. Although it's only a small region in the Iberian Peninsula here each producer adds their own fingerprint and expertise to make their wines unique and captivating.

Discover in this selection of Rioja wines the flavours of varieties such as Garnacha, Tempranillo, Maturana, Mazuelo or Viura and let yourself be captivated by the most famous Spanish wines.