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Our Commitment to Responsible Drinking

At Dis&Dis, our passion for wine runs deep. It's not just about tasting the finest vintages or discovering new blends; it's about enjoying those moments that wine can create. Whether it's a serene evening sipping a glass of white after a long day or celebrating milestones with friends over a bottle of bubbly, wine is an integral part of our celebrations and relaxation.

But, as much as we cherish these moments, we are equally committed to advocating for responsible drinking. Because the truth is, wine is most enjoyable when it's savoured in moderation.

Understanding Units in Alcohol


When discussing alcohol, you've likely heard about "units" – a term frequently mentioned but not always fully understood. Units are essentially a measure of the amount of pure alcohol in a drink. They offer a way to gauge how much you're drinking and can help you keep your consumption within healthy limits.

Here’s what units mean for your favourite wines:

White Wine


Typically, a glass of white wine at 12% ABV contains:

  • 125ml - 1.5 units
  • 175ml - 2.1 units
  • 250ml - 3.0 units

Red Wine


For a glass of red wine at roughly 14% ABV, you’re looking at:


  • 125ml - 1.8 units
  • 175ml - 2.4 units
  • 250ml - 3.5 units


These estimates serve as a guide to understanding how different servings and strengths of wine translate into units of alcohol.

Aiding Your Choice


To make informed choices easier, we ensure the ABV (Alcohol By Volume) is clear on all of our wines, helping you to manage your consumption effectively.


Moderation Is Key


We at Dis&Dis cherish the wondrous experiences that wine brings into our lives, but always with a nod to moderation. Our recommendation and support for responsible drinking aim to foster a well-balanced lifestyle for everyone in our community.

Find more insights on enjoying wine within healthy limits at Wine in Moderation

Here to Support You


Our commitment extends beyond sharing the finest wines. We respect each individual’s choice regarding their relationship with alcohol. Should you decide to alter how we engage with you:

  • For less marketing material, please send us an email at hello@disndis.com.

  • To close your account, ensuring it's no longer accessible, reach out to us at hello@disndis.com.

Your well-being is at the forefront of what we do. Here's to enjoying wine responsibly — cherishing