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Bordeaux En Primeur 2024: Investing in Exclusivity and Excellence

Bordeaux is not just a location; it's a landmark event in the oenophile's calendar. And none is more eagerly anticipated than the illustrious En Primeur week. The 2024 campaign is no exception, presenting an extraordinary opportunity to secure some of the world's most sought-after wines before they're bottled – often at prices considerably lower than the market rate upon release.


Bordeaux's Unique Allure


Bordeaux remains the largest and most established market for fine wines globally. Despite fluctuations and extraordinary performances from regions like Burgundy and Champagne, the stability and dependability of Bordeaux are unmatched. Wine investment's beating heart might see a surge in return potential in 2024, especially with the Chinese market reviving its Bordeaux appetite post the easing of its zero-Covid policy.


The Vintage of 2024: An Unexpected Triumph


The 2024 vintage emerged from conditions that traditionally signal a certain type of wine – high in alcohol, sweet in fruitiness, and low in acidity. Yet, against the odds and thanks to modern viticulture techniques, several estates have managed to deliver wines that soar with concentrated flavours, while retaining an elegance and ageing capability that are hallmarks of a superior Bordeaux.


Merlot, often sensitive to excessive heat, has shone unusually bright this year. The season's consistent hot streak lent the vines a chance to adapt progressively, a stark contrast to the rapid and detrimental heat of 2003. Consequently, comparisons are favourably being drawn to legendary vintages such as 2010, 2016, 2019, 2020 – even harking back to the historic 1961.


The Esteemed Victors of 2024


In a vintage that's set to redefine expectations, several châteaux have stood out impressively:


  • Château Cheval Blanc: Defying its departure from the Saint Émilion classification and maintaining its peak En Primeur pricing.


  • Château Canon and Château Figeac: Shining examples of excellence within Saint Émilion.


  • Château Carmes Haut-Brion: Innovating within Pessac-Léognan with visionary techniques.


  • Château La Conseillante and Vieux Château Certan: Upholding Pomerol's reputation for exceptional Merlot-dominant wines.

  • Château Latour, Château Montrose, Château Palmer, Château Pichon Comtesse Lalande, Château Nénin, and Château Troplong Mondot: Continuously proving the acclaimed status of Left Bank wines.


This reflects a reflection of the wine world's commitment – adapting viniculture practices to climate change, ensuring that excellent wines thrive even when nature throws a curveball.


Why Invest During En Primeur?

En Primeur purchases are more than transactions – they're your stake in a legacy. In 2024, whether you're savouring the potential returns on investment or the anticipation of uncorking a personal treasure in years to come, Bordeaux En Primeur offers an exclusive window into a world of premier wine-making.

Invite that spirit of Bordeaux's vineyards into your home or portfolio. The perfect blend of tradition and adaptation awaits your discovery with Bordeaux En Primeur 2024's promising vintage. Discover the Bordeaux collection here!


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