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Cramele Italiene

Botega Winery, Dis&Dis Wine Store
Luna Siscana, Dis&Dis Wine Store

Luna Siscana

D.O.P Sicily, Italy.  Luna Sicana is a dream come true for anyone with an appreciation of Sicily and its rich history. Found in the valley by Casteltermini, Agrigento, Luna Sicana has been producing olive oil, pistachio nuts and wine since 2008 - all while upholding their commitment to high quality standards.
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Masseria Surani, Dis&Dis Online Store

Masseria Surani

In Italy, Puglia, we find Masseria Surani. The Tommasi family has long been committed to the achievement of excellence, and since purchasing their first small parcel of land in the Valpolicella Classica region, their hard work and dedication has been paramount to their success.
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Villa Girardi, Dis&Dis Wine Store

Villa Girardi

It all started back in 1986 when Franco Tommasi Villa Girardi opened up shop in the beautiful valley that connects San Pietro in Cariano with Fumane. What's special about this place? Well, nestled within 30 hectares of vineyards is a stunning Venetian Villa built by Luigi Trezza way back in the 1700s.
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Vite Colte Winery, Dis&Dis Online Store

Vite Colte Winery

Vite Colte winery is an impressive combination of modern architecture and environmental consciousness. Situated below the renowned Barolo cru wines, it was opened in 2000 with a design by Gianni Arnaudo that has been praised by architectural magazines.
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Italian Wineries, Tuscany, Dis&Dis

Carpineto Winery

Carpineto, founded in 1967 by Giancarlo Sacchet and Antonio Mario Zaccheo, is not your typical Italian winery. Located just outside of Greve in Chianti, the pair set out with a purpose - to make great Sangiovese in the Tuscan Classic appellations like it had never been done before.
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Princess Winery

Princess Winery

When Michele Tait founded Princess back in 2012, it marked the beginning of something special. Born and raised in Trentino, Italy, Michele was a passionate wine-lover practically from birth -working on his father's vineyard and ultimately becoming a Master of Wine.
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