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Santa Margherita Winery





Count Gaetano Marzotto was a real visionary. He had the ambition to unite people, nature and technology in perfect harmony - something which wasn't even possible yet.



In 1935 he put his dream into motion by reviving an abandoned piece of land in the Veneto region that used to be home to great vineyards since Roman times. Utilizing agro-technological developments, he aimed to make it as beautiful and prosperous as it once was, whilst also looking after the needs of local communities.



It came as no surprise that he named this special place after his beloved wife Margherita: Santa Margherita. This magnificent region is now full of life again with alpine rivers snaking through sun-kissed hills to reach the Mediterranean. 



The Villanova Winery is a truly unique experience. It blends hard-earned traditions with modern innovations for an unforgettable experience for wine lovers.



With its cutting edge "wine city" that's completely energy self-sufficient, you can really appreciate the journey of the grapes from growing, harvesting and fermenting to bottling and finally tasting. Whether you choose one of their tours or just arrive for the day, you can be sure that your visit will be full of flavour!



Santa Margherita has a passionate commitment to preserving the environment while staying true to its Italian roots. They work hard to make sure their wine is eco-friendly, using natural products and growing processes that protect the vineyards.



In an effort to stay sustainable and responsible, they abandoned animal by-products years ago and only use vegan-friendly materials in production. To reduce their carbon footprint, they also rely on energy from renewable sources; their winery in Portogruaro is completely self-powered, with 6,500 square feet of solar panels producing 360,000 kilowatt hours each year! It doesn't end there:



They even follow the "Zero Kilometer" philosophy, keeping operations local and sourcing green glass bottles made of up to 65% recycled material! It's clear that Santa Margherita embraces environmental responsibility.


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