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Iberian Pork with Hand-Made Gnocchi


Cooking Time: 30 minutes

Total Time:  40 minutes

Serving: 4 servings

For a main dish, we recommend making Iberian pork with hand-made gnocchi, with pea cream and mint juice. 

This recipe has been prepared by the famous Portuguese Chef, Henrique Sá Pessola, 1 star Michelin winner with his restaurant Alma in Lisbon, Portugal.

This delicious pairs perfectly with a red Alentejo wine. We recommend AR Reserva 2018 red wine. It is a red wine with aroma of ripe blackberry, with complementary balsamic and wood notes. A complex wine with good freshness will pair very well with this dish.


For the Gnocchi

400 g of Mafra bread
400 g of vegetable broth
10 g of garlic
10 g of coriander
50 g of extra virgin olive oil
1 tb Flor de sel


Cream Peas

1 kg of frozen peas
150 g of onion
15 g garlic
1 bay leaf
Vegetable broth
20 ml olive oil
Flor de salt


Mint Juice

200 ml beef broth
4 mint leaves
50 ml white wine

Chorizo Oil

200 ml extra virgin olive oil
100 g chorizo


Remaining Ingredients

4 x 120 g Iberian pork
8 candied shallots, cut into halves
Flower of salt and pepper
Pea sprouts
50 g of black pork chorizo cut into pieces in small cubes
50 ml chorizo oil


Step 1

To make the gnocchi, saute the garlic in olive oil for one to two minutes. Add the Mafra bread cut into pieces and add the vegetable broth gradually, in order to obtain a thick wake. Add the coriander, adjust the seasoning wuth fleur de sel and cool. Form the gnocchi by hand and reserve three to five per person.

Step 2

To make the cream of peas, saute the onion, bay leaf and garlic in olive oil for about six to eight minutes. Add the peas and cover with the vegetable stock. Bake for eight minutes and blend in the food processor until obtaining a homogenous cream. Adjust the seasoning with fleur de sel. 

Step 3

For making the mint juice, reduce the white wine by half. Add the meat broth and reduce until you get a consistent sauce. Add the mint leaves before serving and strain the sauce through a sieve. Adjust the seasoning if necessary with a little salt. 

Step 4

Heat the diced chorizo in a pan for two to three minutes. Add the oil and heat until 80ºC. Keep it until the next day. Grill the Iberian pork on the coal for about six to eight minutes to the desired point. Heat the chorizo cubes and shallots for one to two minutes in the oven at 160ºC. Cook the gnocchi in a non-stick frying pan about two to three minutes until they are well toasted. Heat the pea purée and serve with the remaining ingredients as shown in the picture. Finish with the sauce, and pea sprouts. 

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