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Mixed wine packages are the ideal solution for wine enthusiasts who are looking for special gifts or wine sets for events and tastings.

  • Variety
In each wine pack you enjoy different varieties or different samples of the same variety from different regions. You have the opportunity to discover and taste a wide range of flavours and enrich your knowledge of the world of wine.

  • Convenient
It is more convenient to opt for wine packs already selected by our sommeliers because you enjoy not only an excellent selection but also a 10% discount on the value of wines bought separately.

  • Inspired gifts
A mixed wine pack is an appealing and useful gift for any occasion. Whether you're looking for gifts for loved ones or looking for corporate gifts, our wines are the ideal choice.

  • Ideal for events
Our mixed wine packs will guarantee that you'll put a wine on the table to everyone's taste. Whether it's a Sunday barbecue or a corporate event, opt for mixed wines and you'll have wines from different countries and with different flavours to match any type of food.

  • Home tastings
Want to learn more about wine and want to experiment with different wines but don't know where to start? Choose any of our mixed wine packs and you will have the opportunity to taste spectacular wines from different corners of the world.

Enjoy the most inspiring mixed wine packs, save money and enjoy new flavours whatever the occasion.