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Château Du Retout

A.O.C Haut M├ędoc




Ch├óteau du Retout is a family-run vineyard that dates back to the end of the 19th century, located in the Bordeaux region, A.O.C Haut M├ędoc.

It experienced destruction during the Phylloxera crisis, and was then damaged again by World War I and inheritance disputes.

After being bought by the Kopp family in the 50s, Ch├óteau du Retout was restored with patience and dedication. Today, it boasts 34 hectares of AOC Haut M├ędoc and 1.5 hectares of white grape varieties.

The vineyard sits on a hilltop, with gravelly clay soils at its bottom, and deep Garonne gravel at its top ÔÇô which is home to a 13th-century mill at 17 metres in height.

The average age of vines is 30 years old, some of which were planted as late as 1950. With reverence for this legacy, Château du Retout produces 68.5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 24.5% Merlot, and 7% Petit Verdot wines that embody excellence from their terroir.

Visiting the vineyard of Château du Retout is a truly special experience. With their commitment to minimal human intervention, their vines have grown strong and reveal their true character.

To help them reach their potential, they employ traditional farming practices such as 100% tillage for deep rooting, natural fertilizer made from horse manure and organic waste from the farm.

Also, they use biocontrol or organic products, disbudding, leaf removal and zero use of herbicides or insecticides - all coming together to create a unique terroir that truly showcases the power of nature.

The cellars of Château du Retout have undergone extensive renovation over the last half century. In the 1960s, the cellar was rebuilt with concrete vats and in 1973 a new vat house was erected, equipped with stainless steel tanks.

In 2020, these tanks were replaced by entirely new stainless steel ones dedicated to vinification and the old 1960 cellar is now solely for storage.

This ambitious project was completed in 2020 and stands as testament to Château du Retout's dedication to producing high quality wines.

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