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Château Guillot Clauzel

AOC Pomerol




Château Guillot Clauzel is a real hidden gem in the Pomerol landscape. It may not get much attention, but it has one of the most interesting stories of any estate around!


The origins of this 40 hectare property can be traced back to Raymond and Henriette Clauzel's marriage in the mid 20th century. As a wedding gift, their godfather gave them some vineyards from Château Beauregard which included its château and cellars.


It's likely that at the same time they were also given vines from the nearby Château Graves-Guillot. After many years living there, Paul and Jacqueline Clauzel decided to sell in 1991 and Foncier-Vignobles acquired both properties - though kept the latter, now known as Château Guillot Clauzel.


Today its still owned by the family with Etienne Clauzel at the helm, who works alongside talented individuals to ensure high standards are upheld. If you're ever in Pomerol then definitely don't miss out on visiting this stunning estate - it's truly an oasis off overlooked beauty!


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