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German Wineries

Weinkellerei Weinkönig

Mosel region, German wines






Weinkönig Winery was founded in 1978 in Koblenz, Rhein by the couple Hermann and Marita Warnke.

Initially the company was dedicated to bottling wine and other alcoholic products as well as making fruit juices. At the same time they developed various accessories for the wine industry and wine enthusiasts. It was not until 1986 that they started producing and bottling non-alcoholic wines.

Since then they have specialised in the production and marketing of alcohol-free red, white, rose and sparkling wines. Today they produce 16 different types of non-alcoholic wines. Their wines reach all corners of Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

The winery relies on renowned specialists and top quality grapes. As they themselves claim, you can't make good non-alcoholic wines with poor quality base wines. Not just any wine, can retain its specific flavours and notes once it has gone through the de-stemming process.

There are years of investigation and innovation in the Weinkönig Winery. Today we know which varieties and blends respond better to the de-alcoholisation process.

The wines used as the basis for the alcohol-free wines come from organically certified farms controlled by the Ecocert Deutschland body.

Alcohol-free wine is ideal for times when alcohol cannot be consumed, for restrictive diets or during pregnancy. Enjoy the benefits of German alcohol-free wines!