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Bottega Winery

D.O. Prosecco




Domenico Bottega was a passionate oenologist, with a keen eye for the best grapes in the vineyard. Alongside his son Aldo, he developed technical innovations and expanded his passion to grappa ÔÇô eventually founding Distilleria Bottega in 1977. ┬á


After Aldo's death, his son Sandro took over the operation, supported by siblings Barbara and Stefano. Using an innovative distillation process, they reduced the alcohol content in their grappas making them softer and more delicate - leading to awards and worldwide recognition.


The business expanded even further when they added a winery to their distillery, as well as launching Il Vino dei Poeti Prosecco Spumante.


Today you can find Bottega wines and liquors in more than 140 countries! Truly a modern success story with roots deep in family tradition!


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