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Masseria Surani





The Tommasi family has long been committed to the achievement of excellence, and since purchasing their first small parcel of land in the Valpolicella Classica region, their hard work and dedication has been paramount to their success.


Their connection to the land, people and markets have provided them with invaluable business insight and strategic innovation which is enhanced by a respect for traditional values unique to this historic wine region.


Moreover, their commitment to the wellbeing of those around them and their passion for bringing the "bella vita" -or beautiful life-to every corner of the world is central to their beliefs.


They maintain a strong bond of trust between man and nature as they strive to cultivate with care, while also ensuring transparency among all stakeholders.


This trust keeps them humble as it encourages an ongoing effort to be better each day; one that allows them to surprise and delight clients by creating memorable moments through high quality products made with love.


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