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Vite Colte Winery





Vite Colte winery is an impressive combination of modern architecture and environmental consciousness. Situated below the renowned Barolo cru wines, it was opened in 2000 with a design by Gianni Arnaudo that has been praised by architectural magazines. Attention to new technologies and a commitment to understanding the Langhe region's characteristics were integral in the making of this beautiful space.  



Not only is Vite Colte's architecture stunning, but their environmental efforts are remarkable too!


They use lighter weight glass bottles which reduce energy consumption during production and transport, recycle paper for office use and packaging, separate waste collection - all with over 90% success rate.


Plus having green areas planted with native trees on over 10,000 m2 of land is one of many ways they prioritize biodiversity.


In 2006 the design won the 6th Dedalo-Minosse International Architecture Prize in Vicenza, before being displayed at the 10th Architecture Biennale in Venice.


Not only that but when it comes to wine production, ViteColte also involves 180 growers who cultivate 300 hectares of vineyard and closely adhere to protocols and standards when it comes to quality as each member is remunerated based on vineyard size.


It's no wonder why this winery has achieved international recognition! Its unique blend of sustainable features paired with top notch architecture seems like something out of fairytale land ÔÇô truly a sight to behold!


Discover their wines here!

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