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This is what our customers think about DIS&DIS

We are striving to offer the best services at the best prices.

“DIS&DIS is my go to place”

“DIS&DIS is my “go to” online winery shop when I´m hosting a dinner: fine, unique, and excellent wines at a fair price. I couldn´t recommend it more"

Silviu N.

Happy customer

“Amazing wine”

"The best online wine store in Romania: they have an impressive wine collection at very good prices!"

Oana P.

Happy customer

“Thanks to DIS&DIS my party was a success”

"I had a dinner party and I was in charge of bringing the wine. DIS&DIS helped me to choose the best wine for the occasion and delivered it very promptly. Everyone loved the wine! I recommend it a 100%!"

Miruna T.

Happy customer

"DIS&DIS has the best award-winning wines in Romania"

"I think DIS&DIS is best online website if you are looking for award-winning wines delivered promptly! I have recommended it to all my friends."

Andrei K.

Happy customer

"Good prices and prompt shipment"

"DIS&DIS has it all: great Spanish wines, good prices and prompt shipment. Every time I need wine, I only buy from them"

Alexandru T.

Happy customer

"Highly recommended"

"My parents recommended me DIS&DIS and I can honestly say that they have the best selection of wines suitable for every occasion: from family gatherings to business dinners. Highly Recommended!"

Alina L.

Happy customer

"Excellent Wine"

"DIS&DIS is the only place in Romania where I can buy easily award-winning wines."

Mihaela E.

Happy customer

"High quality"

"Just excellent. The wine that I bought was delicious. Definitely, I will be buying more wine."

Darius R.

Happy customer

"Best Spanish Wine in Romania"

"Good wine and great service. From now on, I am only buying from DIS&DIS"

Ionuţ L.

Happy customer

"Good wine"

"My friends recommended me DIS&DIS"

Andreea N.

Happy customer