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Born to be Free Rose Alcohol Free Wine

60,00 lei

Born to be Free is a delicately crafted, alcohol-free rose wine from France. Its crisp, floral notes are the perfect accompaniment to casual dinners with family and friends. Enjoy the taste of French wine, completely alcohol-free.

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Bottle of Born to be Free Rose Alcohol Free Wine

Born to be Free Rose Alcohol Free Wine

60,00 lei


Discover the delightful flavors of a delicious and refreshing ros├ę wine made from dealcoholized wine. Famille Pugibet, the owners of La Colombette winery, are true pioneers in the craft of alcohol-free winemaking. They employ the newest and most advanced techniques, ensuring that their wines are at the forefront of the art of alcohol-free winemaking. Experience their expertise and innovation as you sip on their exquisite ros├ę.

Taster's notes

The salmon-colored wine has a delicate hue that catches the eye. It exudes fruity and fresh aromas, which are characteristic of a delightful ros├ę wine. The best part is, this wine is alcohol-free, making it perfect for enjoying as an aperitif or pairing with white meat, fish, and seafood dishes. Whether you're starting a meal or savoring a tasty main course, this wine is a great choice to complement your dining experience.

The Winery

Nestled just outside the enchanting town of B├ęziers, overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, lies La Colombette. This picturesque estate has been lovingly tended by the same family for four generations, a testament to their unwavering commitment to their craft.

Vincent Pugibet and his father Fran├žois are true visionaries, breathing new life into the Languedoc vineyards. Their innovative techniques and unwavering dedication to quality have earned them a well-deserved reputation over the past three decades.

In 1995, the world took notice as La Colombette was crowned the producer of the Best Chardonnay worldwide. A moment of triumph, forever etched in their winemaking legacy.

Continuing their quest for excellence, in 2009 they introduced the remarkable low alcohol range. Born after a decade of meticulous research on alcohol production, it captured the hearts and palates of wine enthusiasts far and wide.

Today, Vincent Pugibet, a true steward of the land, passionately embraces sustainable viticulture. With an unwavering focus on developing new grape varieties resistant to pests, he is shaping a future where La Colombette's vineyards thrive naturally, free from harmful pesticides.

La Colombette is not just a vineyard; it is a story of passion, tradition, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. With every sip of their exceptional wines, one can taste the rich heritage and unwavering commitment that makes La Colombette truly extraordinary.

Rose Wine








La Colombette


750 ml



Alcohol % ABV


Optimal serving temperature in ┬░C