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Domaine Delon

Domaine Delon

A.O.C. Saint-Julien




The Domaines Delon debuted the historical brand Clos du Marquis at the beginning of the 20th century upon planting the vineyard, derived from its proximity to the Château de Léoville, residence of the Marquis de Las Cases.

This label has enabled a wine to be produced that rivals those special terroirs surrounding it, such as Léoville Poyferré and Léoville Barton.

To this day, Clos du Marquis is an iconic example of craftsmanship and quality in wines within the Saint Julien appellation.  

The Clos du Marquis vineyard is a singularly unique terroir located 500 metres west of the prestigious Enclos of Léoville Las Cases. Composed of quaternary gravel, it spans an area of 45 hectares (111 acres) with an average age of vines at thirty years. Rich organic matter in the topsoil, previously comprising a forest on this land, contributes to a distinctive Saint-Julien style for the vineyard's grapes.

A microclimate from the nearby Gironde River hastens ripening for neighbouring Enclos vines; however, due to its elevation 20 metres above sea level and humic podzol over sandy-clay gravel composition, Clos du Marquis is characterised by more regular soil types and higher hydrological sensitivity. Thus, its grapes mature later than that of the Enclos.


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