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Domaine Flavigny Alesia

Domaine Flavigny Alesia, Dis&Dis Wine Store

I.G.P. Coteaux de L´Auxois




The Domaine de Flavigny-Alésia is a special place like no other. Located in the stunning Auxois region of Burgundy, it's nestled between two sites with incredible histories: the picturesque village of Flavigny-sur-Ozerain and the oppidum of Alésia—the very location where Vercingetorix famously fought Caesar in 52 BC!



The vineyard has been bringing life back to this ancient area since 1994, when Gérard Vermeere (a former surgeon from Dijon) began replanting vines in area that was once home to more than 2,600 hectares of vineyards before being hit by the devastating phylloxera. The wines of Auxois have long boasted a certain notoriety; even way back in 1224, Philippe Auguste’s mapmaker Henry d'Andeli noted Flavigny as a renowned wine-growing town.


In 2004 Cyril Raveau took over as oenologist, having previously been cellar master at the world famous Domaine Hubert de Montille in Volnay. With Ida Nel and their awesome team backing him up, Cyril works hard to maintain the quality reputation these wines once held.


The land itself—clay limestone Jurassic soil—is perfect for cultivating grapes. The climate here is slightly cooler than Côte Viticole or Chablis which means extra care must be taken when managing the vineyard for optimum ripeness.


With such an amazing history surrounding it, it's no surprise that Domaine de Flavigny Alésia's wines are so special!


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