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Bodegas Irache

Experience Bodegas Irache: A Winery with an Illustrious History

Step into Bodegas Irache, an exceptional winery located in Irache, Navarra, Spain. This winery is more than just a place to savor exquisite wines – it holds a deep connection to the majestic Irache Monastery, the largest monumental complex in Navarre that dates back to the 10th century.

Centuries ago, the Benedictine monks who resided in the monastery crafted wines that were cherished by the royal family of Navarre. Today, Bodegas Irache continues this legacy, intertwining its winemaking expertise with the storied history of the Monastery.


The Beginning of a Proud Heritage

In 1891, a local family assumed the responsibility of upholding the monks' legacy. Initially known as "Vinicola Montejurra," the winery earned the affectionate nickname "La Bodega de Irache" from the locals due to its proximity to the Monastery. Soon enough, it officially became known as Bodegas Irache.

As the decades passed, Bodegas Irache transformed its wines into a benchmark for quality in Navarre, garnering accolades and acclaim on both national and international levels.



The Pinnacle of Quality - Vino de Pago

In 2008, Bodegas Irache achieved an impressive milestone by obtaining the prestigious DOP Vino de Pago Prado de Irache qualification. This made it the first winery in Navarra to possess a Pago - a coveted distinction for wines of utmost quality.

Meeting strict criteria, Pago wines:

- Must be produced on the same estate where the vineyard is located
- Can only be made with grapes from the winery's own vineyards
- Require the vineyard to possess unique and distinctive characteristics
- Must have previously held a Denomination of Origin and maintained an impeccable reputation for at least a decade

A New Chapter, A Shared Mission


In 2018, Bodegas Irache underwent a change in management, embarking on a fresh direction that embraced the rich qualities of Tierras de Estella. The winery now showcases the unique attributes of this enchanting region in Navarra, striving to produce robust and vibrant wines with a distinct sense of place.

Under the current management's philosophy, Bodegas Irache is committed to crafting products of excellence, which stand as a testament to the pride and passion of the entire Navarrese community.

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