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Mencia Wines


In this collection, we present a diverse range of Mencia wines. A grape variety that grows exclusively in the Iberian Peninsula and is found in both Spain and Portugal under different names. In Spain, it is predominantly found in regions like Bierzo and Ribeira Sacra.

Mencia wines generally have a medium body, moderate tannins, and are rich in floral and wild berry aromas. They have excellent aging potential and develop new qualities over time. If you are passionate about Pinot Noir or enjoy aromatic red wines in general, Mencia wines are a must-try and savor.

Depending on the terroir of each winery, Mencia wines offer different nuances and an impressive spectrum of flavors. It is a versatile grape variety often used in blends, as it provides good structure and expressions that are worth the maturation process.

This Spanish red wine is very interesting and easy to pair. It pairs well with grilled or oven-roasted red meats, flavorful charcuterie, and cheeses. It is a wine to choose when you want to step away from the classic red wine list or impress your guests with exceptional wines from lesser-known grape varieties.

In recent years, Mencia wines have gained popularity as experts consider them a pure expression of traditions and terroir in the northwestern part of Spain.

Get inspired with our selection and let yourself be seduced by the flavours of these typical Spanish wines