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How to taste wine like a pro?

how to taste wine like a pro

Wine tasting can be complicated and complex at times, but don't worry, in this article we will give you some tips to taste wine like a pro.


First of all, it is important to specify that anyone can learn to taste a wine correctly, without being a professional taster. All you need to have is a consistent tasting technique that you can improve. Each time you drink wine, take a moment to appreciate its unique characteristics. By practicing, you will soon become a professional wine taster! Just follow the four steps of the conventional tasting method: Look, Smell, Taste and Think.





Hold the wine glass over a white background in neutral light and make 3 observations: hue, color intensity, and viscosity.




Smell the wine and try to create a flavor profile before tasting it. Look for fruity, herbaceous, or other flavors, and if present, oak or earthy flavors.



Take a mouth large enough and pass the wine through the entire palate before swallowing it. Try to identify the structure of the wine (tannin, acidity, etc.), the aromas and the overall balance of the wine.




Finally, it's time to put all your observations together. and evaluate the experience as a whole. We recommend that you write down the taste notes, evaluate the wine and compare it with other wines. 


At first, the process may be a little difficult, but you will get used to following these steps. In time, so will you. you will be closer to becoming a professional wine taster! The most important thing is to have fun while learning!  

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