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Ideas for Special Christmas Gifts

If last week we talked about the history of gifts and gave you some suggestions, today we will give you some personalized recommendations for Christmas gifts, not only for men, but also for women. Of course, we will talk about wines, what suits them best, in what context, which wine can be more attractive to a man's eyes and which is perfect to seduce a woman.

As mentioned in the last article, in antiquity, wine was used as an offering to the gods, being considered a symbol of well-being, joy and celebration. Given that wine has been part of all the celebrations and events that have taken place since ancient times, it is not surprising that it is still considered a good ally for facilitating social relations. Moreover, social gatherings accompanied by a glass of wine have always been more enjoyable, which is why the gift of a good wine has been and will always be welcomed.

Now, in December, as Christmas  approaches , we begin to think about  what we can offer our family or friends  , whether they are men or women. The truth is that it has always been easier for us to choose a gift for a woman, because any clothing accessory or perfume seems to be a good option, but in the 21st century and the  woman is strong, cosmopolitan  , travels more, goes out more in the city, in short, who lives longer, and in this group of women, we can find the sybaritic woman, with refined tastes, the one who prefers a good glass of wine for a dinner at home or for special occasions in the family.

If you have such a woman around, the ideal Christmas gift can be a bottle of  good Spanish wine  , a beautiful bottle of aromatic and fruity white wine, a seductive wine or, why not, a rosé wine of an attractive and beautiful color. .

Men  have always loved wine, they are also cosmopolitan, so they will love to be surprised with a unique gift - a pack of  masculine wines chosen  from the best names of Spanish origin.

Carefully chosen gifts have the best reward for the enthusiasm with which loved ones enjoy the gifts they receive. We all remember how my father took the packaging out of his brand new socks, or my grandfather with the received scarf he didn't take off for the rest of the winter, or that favorite perfume my aunt received every year, the brothers' toys. smaller. Now, it's true that trends in gifts change from year to year, but what never changes is the joy we want to see on the faces of loved ones when opening gifts.

Choosing a good wine as a gift implies joy, it involves company and, of course, good moments lived and felt around a table and with a glass of wine in hand.

Gifts for women

We recommend for those  special  Christmas gifts for women, wines that stand out for their personality, which adapt to the lifestyle of the modern woman. Wines can be an ideal gift for meetings between girls, for family events or for moments when we want a little relaxation at the end of a busy day. Wine is definitely a useful and elegant gift. 

Herms Rosé, a monovariety of syrah, with an attractive light pink color and light notes of country herbs such as rosemary, which marks a totally Mediterranean character, is a very sweet wine with a very beautiful bottle, ideal as gift for a woman.

Another bottle of wine to give to a woman is an organic white wine from Bodega Sierra Norte in DO Valencia, with the name Pasion de Moscatel, the expression of the Moscatel grape in its purest state, a seductive wine with a magical air. , an unforgettable wine.

Wine is a versatile Christmas gift, with options for all budgets. A gift that never disappoints, there is always a special time of day to drink it.

Such as  Gran Alanis , a very fresh and aromatic white wine made from the Treixadura grape variety, originally from the Ribeiro area of ​​Galicia, a wine in which the quality and price are so balanced that it allows the choice of a second wine, like wine red Hacienda López de Haro Crianza from 2018, a very expressive wine with which you can complete your package.

By the way, who said that women don't like red wines, this classic Rioja, but with nuances of modernity, arouses our curiosity for its smooth entry in the mouth, full of nuances, a wine that has a mature, soft and friendly tannin, but with power, so we like it.


Gifts for men

As a Christmas gift to surprise a man, an excellent option is a red wine from Ribera de Duero, a strong wine, for independent men and wine lovers with personality, Hacienda Solano Finca Cascorrales 2015, is made with grapes of the tempranillo variety Coming from centuries-old vineyards planted tall, with an eighteen-month-old barrel in French oak barrels, this wine is definitely a safe bet when you think of gifts for this holiday season.

Another sure bet for the modern man is Fundación 1963 Reserva 2012 , a wine made entirely from the Mencía grape variety, with the designation of origin Bierzo, this elegant and distinguished wine is a very exclusive gift because it is not an easy wine to find, is one of those little gems that we sometimes like to keep for a special moment.

There are more and more young people passionate about the world of wine, so on our website we have a selection of those wines, which through youth, nerve or fruity character connect well with young people, is the case Vent del Mar , a wine young red, very fragrant and fruity, very easy to drink and with a very beautiful and elegant label, a detail that when we choose a wine to give as a gift will attract our attention.

Another easy-drinking wine, in a very elegant presentation box, is Dolç Mataró , an organic sweet wine, which has the peculiarity of being a wine present in most of the menus of Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain, a sweet wine ideal for the moments Afternoon relaxation, a good gift for the couple, so we will always have the excuse to find a relaxing time to enjoy it in the company.

Another gift that you can find on our site, which is not a wine, although it is made from white wine, is vermouth, offering a pack of three bottles of vermouth is also an ideal option, whether addressed to a woman or a man, vermouth is one of those aperitif drinks that can also surprise a lot, because it is a drink that has a perfect balance between sweet and bitter taste.

Because it is different and because you like it very much, I suggest you try our  Bateador  Vermouth from DO Terra Alta and get ready for a Christmas full of surprises, unique flavors, different and full of magical moments. It must be said that these wines recommended here can be an excellent gift for co-workers, bosses, business partners, customers or Secret Santa.

We hope that these recommendations will help you in choosing special gifts for your loved ones. Keep in mind that wine can be a perfect choice when it comes to  formal, personal, surprising, elegant or fun gifts  .

Discover all the options in  our store . You can opt for  wines with festive packaging   or you can form  personalized packs  for your loved ones with two, three or four different bottles of wine.

Get inspired and order the wines you want as soon as possible to receive them before Christmas.

We wish you inspired choices!

Next week for wine lovers,

The DiS & DiS team

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