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Non-Alcoholic Wines for the Holidays

What are non-alcoholic wines

Christmas is approaching and those who do not consume alcohol may wonder how they will collide with their loved ones. 

Although the non-alcoholic options are innumerable for the holidays, the most common is to have a glass of wine between those gathered around the table. 

And for those of you who can't include alcohol in your diet for various reasons, you should know that non-alcoholic wine is the ideal alternative to continue enjoying the benefits and flavor of wine.

But before choosing a non-alcoholic wine, many questions come to mind. What is a non-alcoholic wine? 

What makes it different in terms of taste? Or you may think that a wine without alcohol is only for children, for pregnant women, or for grandparents whose doctor has forbidden them to drink alcohol. We will try to answer all these questions in the following.


How to Make Wine Without Alcohol

I'll start by explaining how to make a wine without alcohol, how to remove alcohol from the wine. 

A process is used to remove the alcohol by distillation, with a two-phase vacuum system, so that no property of the wine is lost, only the alcohol is lost. In these two phases, in one of them the flavors are extracted at low temperature, and in the other the alcohol is extracted. 

After this alcohol extraction, all the flavors will be reintroduced into the wine by a very delicate and complex method.

Therefore, alcohol-free wine does not lose its flavor, structure or complexity.

It's a bit hard for us to understand that such wine can be good, but we guarantee that non-alcoholic wine was a great discovery for the people who can´t drink, or don´t want to drink because they are cutting their alcohol consumption. 

Below we will present the non-alcoholic wine options that you can find in our store. We recommend that you include these wines in your festive menus following the general recommendations of culinary associations.


Our recommendations

Elivo Group produces non-alcoholic wines.On our website you will find the two Elivo Zero Zero wines, these wines are made using traditional winemaking techniques, i.e., they first select the best quality grape bunches, then proceed at its vinification, and then it is aged on its own yeast in oak barrels. A process that is done as in the case of other conventional wines. After this aging, when the wine reaches its optimum point, the desalination is carried out with great care, combining the evaporation method with cryogenization, a process of preserving the flavors at low temperatures to remove all the ethanol present in the wine, through a system of membranes, to preserve all the properties and aromas of the wine. We present below some of our recommendations for non-alcoholic wines:

Elivo Zero Zero Deluxe white, a blend of sixty percent Albariño and forty percent Airén, a pale yellow wine, clean and bright, which in the nose presents a combination of aromas of white flowers, such as camellia.  We also see a background of pastries and smoked products from the aging process, as this wine, once de-alcoholized, is aged for six months in casks. 

The palate has a wide entrance, fresh and expressive, with a visible acidity, but very well integrated and with a structure capable of matching with a wide variety of dishes. When tasting, it is difficult to say that it is a wine without alcohol, due to its quality and elegance.

Elivo Zero Zero red wine , obtained from sixty percent Tempranillo and forty percent Cabernet Sauvignon, is a wine with an intense cherry color with violet reflections, which indicates its youth and temperament, has a very fragrant nose, which gives us notes of very ripe sweet fruit, with silky tannins and a very well integrated acidity, is a non-alcoholic wine that surprises with its structure and large body.

Le Naturel also presents its two non-alcoholic wines, one white, obtained from Garnacha blanca and Viura, in which the aromas of stone fruits, such as peach or apricot, stand out, but we also find white fruits, such as apple or pear, and flowers. white, like jasmine, of course, no one could say that these wines have undergone a process of steam distillation at some point, because they have not lost any of their properties and personality.

On the palate it has a fresh and light entry. A very easy to drink wine, it has a good acidity, and in the back we have notes of sweet citrus, such as orange, which make it a very sweet wine, it also has a long finish and intense.

Le Naturel Zero Zero red wine is made with 100% red Grenache, one of those wines that sommelier calls monovarietal, a wine with all the personality and expressiveness of Grenache, without alcohol, a very aromatic wine with a good load of fruit ripe tomatoes and strawberry jam, a lively and seductive wine, a wine that arouses curiosity that arouses great wines made with this variety, also surprises with elegance, velvety texture and quality.

If you have recently become a mother, if you are an athlete or simply one of those people who like to take care of them and lead a healthy life, do not hesitate to buy wine without alcohol.

If you want to buy non-alcoholic wine, you will find a special section on non-alcoholic wines on our website. 

We hope you find your favorite non-alcoholic wine so you can have fun with your loved ones for the holidays. Enjoy 100% zero-risk health benefits.

We wish you  beautiful holidays!


Dis&Dis Team
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