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Storing and Serving Champagne. New Year´s Eve Edition


New Year´s is almost here and we are very excited! It is a long tradition in the gregorian calendar to celebrate December 31 and welcome the new year 2023 with a glass of champagne. 


However, given the sparkling wine shortage that the world is currently facing, we need to buy our bottles in advance and store it until the new year. Which brings the question, how can we store these bottles, so they are well preserved until the time of pouring the bubbly drink?


In this article, we will give you 3 tips on how to properly store sparkling wine, so the properties are intact from the time you purchase the bottle until you open it with your friends and family. 


Also, we will give you some tips on how to best serve it, so that when the time comes and you need to serve the sparkling wine, everyone can fully enjoy and taste the bubbly drink in the correct way. 


At the end of the article, you will find some recommendations specially made by our experienced team of sommeliers, so in case you don’t know which champagne to choose, we will guide you through our selection of great French wines.


3 Tips to correctly store sparkling wines


The first tip to store champagne correctly is to store it away from bright light. Bright light can have a bad impact on sparkling wine. Direct sunlight increases its temperature, altering it all the chemical components, and ultimately, having an impact on the taste. 

So, if you want to properly store sparkling wines, it has to be in a place with a constant room temperature of between 10 and 15ºC. It is also very important that the place is well-ventilated, so all the properties of the wine are intact throughout the passing of time. 


The second tip to bear in mind is that champagne needs to be stored in a place where there are no vibrations. Noise can alter the aroma and flavour of the drink and also, its ageing potential.


Our third tip is to store champagne upright if you are looking for short-term storage. In case you plan long-term storage, then we recommend storing it on its side so that the properties are intact. 


3 Tips to serve champagne


There is a myth about in wine glasses to serves the bubbly drink. Some people think that the best way to serve champagne is in a flute crystal glass. However, this is not the correct way, as a flute does not allow the champagne to express its full character and aromas. The best way to serve champagne is in a glass that is shaped like a tulip. 

The ideal serving temperature is around 8ºC to 10ºC, so it is not at this temperature we suggest putting it in an ice bucket. The best way to serve it is in two stages. First, it needs to be served in small quantities, so to allow the aromas to reach their full expression and to allow to aerate a little bit. 

Then, it´s time to fill the glass, at a 45 angle. The rule of thumb is the champagne glass needs to be two-thirds full. 


Our top 3 recommendations


Champagne Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut: One of the most exclusive champagnes in the world, Moet is ideal for every occasion. Worldwide recognized Moet & Chandon champagne has been part of many celebrations.

Champagne Bollinger: Excellent champagne from one of the most exclusive champagne wineries in the world. Made with the high standards of the House of Bollinger, this champagne is creamy, and elegant, with fine bubbles.


Dom Perignon: Dom Pérignon is absolutely one of the most exclusive champagnes in the world. In fact, the discovery of the champagne method is attributed to the monk Benedictine Dom Pierre Perignon in the 17th century. This champagne reveals a unique structure that evolves over time. 

 We recommend going for this champagne if you want to impress all of your guests to celebrate the new year.


We hope you will enjoy opening a bottle of champagne and toasting on new year´s eve as much as we do. Don´t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to discover the latest trends, tips and wineries in the wine world. If you want to discover the amazing world of champagne and wines, visit our online store, and you will be amazed by our great variety of international premium wines. 


If you have any questions, contact us at hello@disndis.com and our experienced team of sommeliers will gladly help you. 


See you next time, wine lovers,


Dis&Dis Team

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