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Wines from Romania: A Taste of Transylvanian Elegance

Ah, Romania: the land of castles, Carpathian Mountains and its own unique style of wine. Whether you're an experienced oenophile or just beginning to explore your palate, there's much to discover about Romanian winemaking today.


From dry reds made from native grape varieties such as Feteasca Neagra and Feteasca Regala, to crisp white varietals like Tamaioasa Romaneasca and Cramposie, we'll give you a brief overview of the wines that Romania has to offer - along with some tasting tips so you can get the most out of each bottle. Pour yourself a glass and follow us on this gustatory journey!


Wines from Romania: Unveiling the Elegance

Romania, a country with a rich viticultural history dating back to the ancient Dacians, offers a diverse range of wines that reflect its unique terroir. Let's delve into this enchanting world, one sip at a time.


A Historic Legacy

The story of Romanian wine begins over 2,000 years ago. Romans introduced viticulture to the region, making it one of the oldest wine-producing countries in Europe. Today, Romanian winemakers blend tradition with innovation to craft exceptional wines.


Terroir and Regions

  1. Transylvania's Treasures: The cool climate and volcanic soil of Transylvania are ideal for producing crisp whites and elegant Pinot Noirs.
  2. Moldova's Magic: The rolling hills of Moldova are famous for reds, with Fetească Neagră and Grasă de Cotnari being the stars.
  3. Banat's Bounty: This region offers a range of aromatic whites, including Italian Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc.
  4. Oltenia's Offerings: From Cabernet Sauvignon to Merlot, Oltenia is a land of full-bodied red wines.

romanian wine regions

The Romanian Grapes

Romania boasts a myriad of native and international grape varieties, each adding a unique character to its wines.

  • Fetească Neagră: Romania's signature red grape, known for its deep, dark flavors.
  • Grasă de Cotnari: A native white grape, producing sweet, aromatic wines.
  • Pinot Noir: Thriving in Transylvania, this grape creates elegant and complex reds.

romanian grape production


Winemaking Techniques

The winemakers of Romania are known for their expertise in both traditional and modern techniques. From barrel aging in ancient cellars to stainless steel fermentation, they blend the best of old and new to produce exceptional wines.


Denominations of Origins

Romania is divided into several denominations of origins, each with its own unique terroir and characteristics. These include DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) regions such as "Recas," "Tarnave," "Cricova," and "Cotnari." These regions are known for producing high-quality wines with distinctive features:


  • Recas: Located in the western part of Romania, Recas is known for its modern winemaking techniques. This region excels in producing aromatic white wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat Ottonel. The microclimates and unique soils contribute to the vibrancy of the wines.

  • Tarnave: Situated in Transylvania, the Tarnave region is celebrated for its white wines, particularly Fetească Albă and Italian Riesling. The high-altitude vineyards and temperate climate result in wines with a crisp, refreshing character.

  • Cricova: This region is famous for its extensive underground wine cellars, the largest in the world. It's located near the capital, Bucharest. Cricova is renowned for its sparkling wines, with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay being the main varieties. The underground labyrinth of cellars adds a unique touch to the winemaking experience.

  • Cotnari: Nestled in Moldova, Cotnari is a place of tradition and history. It's renowned for its sweet white wines, with Grasă de Cotnari and Tămâioasă Românească being the stars. These wines are crafted using ancient methods, and the result is a symphony of flavors.



Frequently Asked Questions


What is the history of winemaking in Romania?

Romania's winemaking history dates back over 2,000 years when the Romans introduced viticulture to the region. Today, it's one of the oldest wine-producing countries in Europe.


Which regions in Romania are known for their wines?

Transylvania, Moldova, Banat, and Oltenia are the key regions known for producing distinct Romanian wines.


What are the prominent grape varieties in Romania?

Romania is home to a variety of grape types, with Fetească Neagră, Grasă de Cotnari, and Pinot Noir being some of the most notable.


What winemaking techniques are used in Romania?

Romanian winemakers employ a mix of traditional and modern techniques, including barrel aging and stainless steel fermentation, to craft their wines.


Are Romanian wineries open for visitors?

Yes, many Romanian wineries offer tours and tastings, allowing visitors to explore the winemaking process and enjoy the scenic vineyards.


Can I buy Romanian wines outside of Romania?

Absolutely! Romanian wines are gaining international recognition and can be found in our online store




Romanian wines should not be overlooked. With thousands of years of viticultural heritage (including the birthplace of Pinot Noir) paired with modern day innovation, they have something unique to offer the world.


The rich and diverse array of flavors hail from different winemaking regions offering countless gems for those lucky enough to try them. Discovering these special wines for yourself is a journey through the vibrant history and culture of Romania that you will never forget.


So, if discovering beautiful, captivating wines is something you'd like to explore, then it's time to raise your glass and find the best Romanian wines out there! There's never been a better time to embark on this adventure!


Our Top Romanian Wines:


Golem Alb 2021 Dry White Wine

Introducing Golem Alb 2021, a captivating masterpiece of a dry white wine. Meticulously crafted with Chardonnay, Feteasca Alba, and Riesling grapes, this exquisite blend radiates elegance and purity in every sip. Born in the prestigious DOC Dealul Mare region, Golem Alb is a genuine reflection of Crama Basilescu's terroir, awakening your senses to a truly unforgettable Romanian wine experience.


Feteasca Neagra 2013 Dry Red Wine

Experience the exquisite taste of Feteasca Neagra wine, expertly crafted by Crama Basilescu. This dry red wine, hailing from the renowned DOC Dealul Mare, delights the senses with its intense aroma of succulent plum and delicate hints of oak wood barrel. 


Golem Rosu 2015 Dry Red Wine

Experience the taste of Romania in this elegant dry red wine. From the southern Carpathians Regions, it offers exceptional aromas of cocoa, chocolate, and flavorful berries. This delightful blend of Feteasca Neagra, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot from the popular DOC Dealu Mare pairs perfectly with cheese and red meat. 


Merlot Eclipse 2019 Dry Red Wine

Discover a delightful Merlot from Romania's thriving wine region, D.O.C Dealul Mare. This popular wine boasts a wonderful blend of fresh raspberries and cherries, with hints of oak from its barrel aging. Savor the captivating flavors of this dry red wine.

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