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Ch├óteau Amp├ęlia

A.O.C C├┤tes de Bordeaux




Ch├óteau Amp├ęlia is a French winery, located in the C├┤tes de Bordeaux region. This winery was acquired by┬áFran├žois Despagne and his wife Murielle in 1999, when they started this project with 5 hectares of vines.┬áThey named it Amp├ęlia - from the Greek "ampelos", the vine - to echo their passion: Ampelology. A beautiful homage consecrated by this Grand Vin made from a blend of old vines of the property.┬á


For Fran├žois Despagne, Ch├óteau Amp├ęlia is a real personal challenge.
Coming from a line of winegrowers in Saint-Emilion since the 17th century (if not earlier, the presence of Despagne in this region is noted since the 15th century) and owner since 1812 of Ch├óteau Grand Corbin-Despagne, Fran├žois Despagne could count on his personal experiences to apply the same rules of art on the terroir of Amp├ęlia. And thus to make a high quality wine bloom in Castillon.


For that reason,┬áFran├žois Despagne, and his wife Murielle decided to embark in this great project. They have the know-how and passion to make excellent wines.┬á


In their 5 hectares of vines, they plant 80% of Merlot grapes and 20% Cabernet┬áFranc grapes. The vineyards have an age approximately of 26 years. In Chateau Amp├ęlia they focus on making enviromentally friendly wines, and that┬┤s why they obtained in 2018 the certification of organic wines.┬á


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