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Chateau Belles-Graves

belles graves winery lalande de pomerol

A.O.C. Lalande de Pomerol




The Belles Graves winery located in the Bordeaux region belongs to the AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) Lalande de Pomerol. It is a winery that enjoys the privileges of nature to the full, being located near the La Barbanne stream, on sunny hills, protected from the noise of the outside world.

Belles-Graves is a serene, bucolic place, harmoniously shaded by centuries-old linden trees. The vineyard covers an area of 17 hectares where we find varieties of Merlot, Cabernet Franc or Bouchet. The soil is clayey-gravelly, sometimes clayey-sandy with a subsoil rich in iron oxides.

The layers are permeable which allows good drainage and good retention of rainwater. Thus the vineyards always have a water reserve even in dry summers. The proximity of the plots and the homogeneity of the soils allow for a harmonious whole in the wine.

The vineyard has a long tradition in wine making, being mentioned in one of the first editions of Bordeaux et ses vins in 1865.

They started with just 12 hectares of land to gradually own the entire Belles Greves region. It also impresses with the buildings constructed in the 18th century that belonged to the Bordeaux nobility. They were used as a second residence to escape the heat and humidity of the big cities.

The man in charge of the winery today is Xavier Piton who decided to give up his studies in literature and devote himself to winegrowing. It is he who carries on the tradition of Belles Graves wines while maintaining the same quality standards pushed by the prestige of the Bordeaux region.