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French Wineries

Domaine Hervé Petitot

Domaine Herve Petitot, Dis&Dis Wine Store

AOC Côte de Nuits-Villages




Welcome to Petitot Estate, a 14th century french farmhouse and beautiful 18th century winery situated at 7 rue de la gare, in the famous Burgundy region. Five generations of farmers have called this place home since the mid-19th Century; Alphonse PETITOT (1846-1927), Auguste PETITOT (1875-1939), Louis PETITOT (1908-1977), Jean PETITOT (1936-2015) and his son Hervé PETITOT (1967).


It was Jean who first started selling the estate's bottled wine in 1976, after having bought and planted their first plots of land in Côte de Nuits-Villages appellation.


Since then, the domain has grown to 8.6 hectares with 10% white wines and 90% red wines being produced. There are 3 main vintages: Terres Burgondes Les Monts de Boncourt Les Vignottes, plus Pommard "Le Poisot", Aloxe-Corton 1er Cru "La Coutière" and Savigny-les-Beaune appellation "Les Pimentiers".


The team at Petitot Estate practice sustainable viticulture for over 15 years now, focusing on cultivation practices such as green work and mechanical work of the soil like scratching and ploughing in order to preserve soils balance and environment.


At Petitot Estate their decades worth of experience is one where they observe their vines carefully - it's all about meeting the needs of the plant while allowing nature take its course.

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