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Jean Marc Brocard

AOC C├┤tes de Bordeaux




Since its inception, the Brocard family has been committed to cultivating their vines in an organic and sustainable manner in the heart of Chablis, Burgundy. In 1997, they began farming 11 hectares of Chablis organically and biodynamically, setting a precedent for other vineyards in the area.


Today, 60 hectares are certified as organic and biodynamic while 40 remain non-certified but still follow the same principles.


Domaine Jean-Marc Brocard is known throughout the world for their commitment to quality and producing authentically unique Chablis white wines. Striving to express all the power and beauty that nature has to offer, this estate works hard everyday to continue honoring Louis Petit's legacy -the winemaker who taught Jean-Marc how to talk with terroir through his root systems and aromas.


The relationship between Jean-Marc and Louis serves as an example of family business that goes beyond organic farming practices.


At Domaine Jean-Marc Brocard, sustainability is at the heart of everything they do from growing grapes in harmony with nature while keeping them safe from synthetic pesticides or learning more about traditional methods so that they can improve upon it if necessary.


It's this constant drive to do better by Julien Brocard that ensures that their family estate continues to thrive both now and generations into the future.


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