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Le Clos Rivieral

D.O. Pays D’Hérault




In the south of France, near Montpellier, we discovered the Cellar Le Clos Rivieral. A family winery located in the village of Loiras du Bosc where the 8 hectares of vines are situated at an altitude of 250 meters.

For Olivier and Célia Bellet, the owners of the winery, the main concerns are the protection of the environment and the preservation of inherited traditions and know-how.

Today, their vineyards are managed in an environmentally friendly way and the harvesting of the grapes, as well as 90% of the work in the vineyard, is done by hand.

The grapes are carefully chosen, their processing too. The terroir of these vineyards is truly special not only because of the altitude but also because of everything that surrounds the vines.

The terraces are bordered by forests and streams that contribute to the quality of the grapes and the flavour of the wines.

The French at Clos Rivieral can pride themselves on offering wines steeped in their terroir, wines that are sincere and authentic and respect the plant, the man and the planet.
Discover them!

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