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French Wineries

Moët & Chandon

Champagne Moet et Chandon

Moët & Chandon  needs no introduction. Whether you're a wine passionate or not, you've certainly heard of or tried a Moët .

It is one of the world's best known and most refined champagnes with deep roots back to 1743. French cellars are known as maisons. In our case, this maison owns more than 1100 hectares and is estimated to produce approx. 28 000 000 bottles of champagne.

The beginnings of this winery's fame are linked to the name of King Louis XV during whose time the demand for sparkling wine in France surprisingly increased. Thus sparkling wines from the Champagne region made their way to Paris where they often found their way to the tables of nobles and aristocrats.

Since then the growth has been constant, with Moët & Chandon  surprising its consumers with legendary editions such as Brut Imperial or Dom Perignon. The latter was named in honour of the Benedictine monk considered the father of champagne.

The quality of Moët & Chandon  wines is unquestionable, the flavours of the terroir reflecting years of tradition, perfected techniques and almost sacred care for the vineyards.

They are special wines that surprise time and time again and to which every wine enthusiast returns time and time again.