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Carpineto Winery





Carpineto, founded in 1967 by Giancarlo Sacchet and Antonio Mario Zaccheo, is not your typical Italian winery. Located just outside of Greve in Chianti, the pair set out with a purpose - to make great Sangiovese in the Tuscan Classic appellations like it had never been done before.


Fast-forward 40 years and Carpineto has become an international phenomenon for its innovative techniques in vineyard selection and cellar techniques - introducing controlled malolactic fermentation techniques as early as 1980, planting indigenous grapes such as chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon, using carbonic maceration and cold macerations, and creating sustainable farming practices.


This passion for excellence has earned Carpineto multiple golds from the IWSC International Wine & Spirit Competition (including a Best Winemaker award for Giancarlo Sacchet), recognition from Wine Spectator's top 100 list of 1998 for their Farnito Cabernet Sauvignon; plus creation of high density vineyards on their Vino Nobile estate.


Today, this small enclave produces wines enjoyed around the world - making it living proof that big dreams can come true!



Discover their wines here!


If you want to know more about Carpineto┬┤s winery, watch this video!

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