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Spanish Wineries

Monte la Reina

Monte la reina winery, Spain

D.O. Toro




Monte la Reina is a family heirloom, a world of wine, countryside and leisure, just 10 km from Toro and 20 km from Zamora. With 1,400 hectares of the property, it allows for the development of various activities, all linked by the belief that the land is the origin of all things.

With land with different crops, Monte la Reina is one of the largest wineries in the Toro Denomination of Origin area, with a multi-purpose building with a restaurant and large gardens for celebrating major events, as well as a 19th century castle housing a royal inn.

Monte la Reina has some of the oldest vineyards in Spain, over 100 years old. Phylloxera, which attacked Europe at the end of the 19th century, failed to destroy the vineyards in the Toro region because of the soil type.

Being so sandy, the insects could not advance, and for this reason, this region remained one of the few planted with ungrafted vines.

Grapes from these vineyards are used to make the winery's high-quality wines. Monte la Reina is located between Pedrosa del Rey and San Román de Hornija.

The sandy soils, with gravel on the surface and clay a few metres deep, produce fully ripe grapes with optimum alcohol content and a high concentration of colour and flavour. The winery has vineyards of different ages.

We have chosen from Monte la Reina's production the two premium, typically Spanish wine-based products: Tinto de Verano and Sangria, for the simple reason that they are among the few options on the market that can boast of being made with premium wine.


We invite you to discover the sunshine, joy and sweetness of Spain synthesised in these typical peninsular drinks!