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Spanish Wineries

Chan de Rosas

Chan de rosas winery, Spain

Rías Baixas



Chan de Rosas is one of the impressive wineries belonging to the D.O. Rias Baixas. It belongs to the Premium Fincas group which owns wineries in different regions and in different D.O. of Spain.

It is the Montaña family that since the 19th century has taken care of the Premium Fincas group which comprises an extensive group of different wineries in the Spanish regions of Rioja Alta, Cava, Rueda and Rías Baixas.

Their passion for wine led them to explore different vineyards in different corners of Spain to discover new flavours and notes that reflect the specifics of the peninsular climate.

Their philosophy could not exclude care for the environment, which is why they optimized all their farming practices making them sustainable. In their vineyards, the knowledge and passion of the growers are paramount, as they are dedicated to choosing the best grapes to be used to produce a high quality wine.

Chan de Rosas translates to "carpet of flowers" in Romanian and is a metaphor for the respect they have for the vineyards they work and their fruit. Their wines are fine. Elegant, fragrant and impressive value for money.


Chan de Rosas wines are a representative brand on the Spanish coast (Marbella, Alicante, Murcia, Barcelona, etc.), as well as in reference markets such as New York.

Discover in Chan de Rosas wines the flavours of the perfect terroir combined with the know-how of the Montaña family's winemaking know-how!