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Bodegas Pinna Fidelis

Ribera del Duero





Bodegas Pinna Fidelis winery is so named as a tribute to the town where it was founded in 2001 - Peñafiel. It is a town with people who are passionate about making wine, people who love this land in the heart of the Ribera del Duero wine region.

The fusion of traditional methods, handed down from generation to generation for over 100 years and the Tinta del País variety, has resulted in excellent wines capable of satisfying even the most demanding palates.

The Pinna Fidelis project has been developed over more than 15 years by the same team of people who founded the project. Their knowledge is a solid foundation on which they continue to grow and improve daily to achieve wines of excellent quality.

The vineyards are mainly located along a narrow strip of land - 5 or 6 km wide, running east-west at right angles to the Duero river.

Thus, some vineyards are on the high ground south of the Duero, others in the low areas on the hills leading to Peñafiel, Pesquera and Bocos.

The vineyards of Paramo, Ladera and Vega are close to the Duero, making it possible to produce grapes with different properties that can give the wines distinct characteristics.

A common feature shared by all the vineyards is the 'poor' soils - with low levels of organic matter - but high levels of limestone, making it difficult to grow other crops. This type of soil is conducive to vine resistance. With well-rooted, strong vines survive years of drought. In general, the land is difficult to irrigate.

The low flat soils are generally covered with gravel or even sand, while those in the marshy areas have varying contents of clay, lime or hard limestone gravel.

The marshy soils produce grapes with high acidity that slow down ripening and impose limited yields. The wines resulting from these conditions are well structured, with a lower level of acidity, we can say that they are exclusive. Because from the most difficult soils come the most subtle flavours we invite you to discover Ribera del Duero and Pinna Fidelis wines.

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