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Types of wine glasses

While delving into the intriguing world of wine itself is a lifelong passion for some, it is just as interesting to learn about the art, science, and passion that goes into the process of making wine glasses. Why is this relevant?


The right glass of wine, when used for the right type of wine, greatly improves the aroma and taste profile of the wine, taking the whole experience to another level.

There are many different types of wine glasses on the market, and people who care about this subject go into complicated details about features such as bowl size, bowl depth, angle of curvature, edge thickness, rod length and so on.

However, it is enough to know just a few basics to make sure you have a fantastic wine-drinking experience!


Types of wine glasses


The main types of wine glasses are the glass of red wine, the glass of white wine and the glass of sparkling wine or the champagne flute.


Red wine glasses

Red wine glasses are usually taller and have a larger bowl size, which is a larger volume than white wine glasses.


This is because red wines, such as Bordeaux and Shiraz, are usually bolder and more complex than white wines and need a larger surface area to come in contact with the air, so their strong aromas and aromas to be able to come out - a process that is also known as letting the wine "breathe".

If white wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio, which are usually delicate, are poured into a large glass, their aromas could quickly be lost and could not be fully enjoyed.


Similarly, the smaller edge of the flute glass ensures that bubbles in sparkling wine and champagne do not dissipate quickly, maximizing the experience for each sip.



With or without a leg?



The next question is whether to opt for standing or legless wine glasses,  being more of a personal choice.



The standing wine glass is a classic preference and, in addition to being a visual treat, it also has an important purpose.


Holding the stem of the wine glass prevents the user's hand from coming into contact with the wine, which would otherwise lead to heat transfer and an unwanted rise in the temperature of the wine.


On the other hand, some people prefer legless wine glasses because they are easier to maintain.


Some legless wine glasses today are also provided with insulation that keeps the wine at the desired temperature and, at the same time, it keeps the user's hands warm. Similar to a beer koozie.




There are indeed a lot of innovations taking place in the wine glass industry!

Speaking of progress, many of the world's most famous wine glass companies, such as Schott Zwiesel, Riedel and Zalto, are now launching different wine glass lines for all budgets, starting at about $ 10 per glass of wine.

Glasses range from machine-made (less expensive) to hand-cut and mouth-blown glass (more expensive). Different materials are used to make wine glasses, from glass (cheaper) to more expensive crystal, which nowadays does not contain lead and includes even a little titanium for extra strength.

The wine glasses are aesthetically and ergonomically made, many are even unbreakable and can be washed in the dishwasher, which is an added advantage.

Many wine experts today, such as Jancis Robinson (one of the world's first female sommelier masters and an adviser to Queen Elizabeth II), are launching their versions of wine glasses based on years of experience in the wine industry.

The latest trend in wine glasses is the universal wine glass  - built to enhance and complement the flavours and aromas of all types of wine - be it white, red, rosé, sparkling or sherry!

They are perfect for people who do not have storage space to store different types of wine glasses or who do not want to spend too much on the glassware but still want a set of good quality, robust and attractive wine glasses.

Whether it's a wine for an occasional dinner or a bottle kept for years for a special occasion, it can be a joy to have the perfect wine with the perfect glass to make the most of the moment. Increasingly, people are even making wine glasses a must-have item to add to their wedding gift registers.

When you take the time to find the right wine and pair it with the right food, it's definitely worth the effort to pair it with the right wine glass!


Now, you can understand more about wine glasses and how they are associated with each type of wine. The only thing you need now is wine! That's why we invite you to visit our online store.

And if you have any questions or concerns about the world of wine, do not hesitate to write to us.


See you next time, wine lovers,

Dis&Dis Team

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