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Wines for Valentine's Day

In recent years, Valentine´s day has become a worldwide celebration. A very special day for couples around the world, when all the people in love get together, to give their little attention and to enjoy a romantic dinner. And as you can guess, there can be no Valentine's Day without wine.

Although Valentine´s Day is an imported holiday, we believe it is similar to Romanian Dragotbetele, two days per year to celebrate love. Dragobete is in the Romanian tradition a handsome and impetuous man, whose task is to protect all couples who form on February 24 and to offer them at least one year of love. Not bad at all, this Romanian Cupid ensures at least a year of happiness.


Inspiring Pairings

Valentine's Day is those special, magical days when couples want to surprise each other with all sorts of details or special moments, and one of them is a romantic dinner in a relaxed atmosphere by candlelight, with good wine.


So, in this article, we will focus on the wines to choose for a romantic dinner or any other special moments spent as a couple. Choosing a wine for Valentine´s Day can be complicated, but don´t worry, we will help you out, so you can pick the perfect wine for the occasion.


First of all, what we should do is define the menu for a romantic dinner. There are some rules for the menu; no heavy foods or soups. It is not very romantic to opt for soup on an evening like this. What is essential is how you greet and start your wine-pairing menu.


If you want Valentine's Day party to have a glamorous evening, sparkling wine will be your best ally. What's more, sparkling wine is so versatile that it can accompany all dishes from appetizers to desserts.


A Cava Gran Reserva or Champagne will add elegance and style to your evening. The charm of the bubbles and their golden colour goes perfectly with the romantic dinner. There is nothing more romantic than being greeted with a glass of champagne!


As an appetizer, we recommend creamy simple appetizers such as a cheese plate. If you go for this option, opt for white wine, preferably a dry and fresh one. It is the ideal way to synchronize both tastes. It can be a wine obtained from the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety or, a good Verdejo.


For the main dish, which can be pasta, fish, white meat, or vegetables, we recommend pairing the dish with a red wine with a velvety bouquet, for example, a Crianza wine or a reserve wine, with ripe and sweet tannin.


For dessert, we recommend a sweet white wine or a sweet red wine.


Wines for February 14th

Adernats Gran Reserva 2012  cava, an excellent cava with a distinguished, elegant and seductive personality, a large cava, long outdated, no less than sixty months, ie five years of rest in the cellar to offer a carousel of flavours and nuances acquired over time. A real luxury for the senses, which deserves to be shared, and what better than on one of the most magical nights of the year?

Bollinger Especial Cuveé champagne has an age of thirty-six months (three years) and a characteristic that makes it very special, one of the varieties in its blend, Pinot Noir, goes through oak barrels, which gives it a different aroma compared to the rest, we find notes of pears and nuts, but also spices and ripe fruits. Its bubbles are fine and delicate, and its entry into the mouth is sweet and subtle. What we can add about one of the best champagnes in the world is simply the perfect choice to share it with your partner on the night of love. 

Javier Sanz, Sauvignon Blanc, a white wine full of floral aromas and citrus notes, fresh wine with a very pleasant taste of tropical fruits such as mango or papaya, aromas that are one of the main characteristics of this grape variety. One of those wines for February 14 that can't be missed on your table, a cheerful and dynamic wine, suggestive and very easy to associate with any dish.

Another Alella Parvus, a single-variety Chardonnay, organic, fermented in French oak barrels and aged for three months. This wine has great aromatic complexity, combining aromas of fruits such as peach, white flowers such as jasmine, and subtle and sweet notes of pastry due to the ageing process.

Dehesa del Carrizal 2018, a Pago wine, is obtained entirely from the Petit Verdot grape variety, one of the most used varieties in Bordeaux. This wine is aged between twelve and fifteen months in French oak barrels and has intense aromas of red and black fruit on the nose. It surprises us with a slightly mineral finish, reminiscent of pencil graffiti, and delights us with a ripe and sweet tannin, which plays an important role in the final balance of the wine.

Pantocrátor Reserva 2010, a very exclusive wine that is produced only in exceptional harvests, a singular wine, after a maceration long enough with grape skins to extract its full potential, rests after fermentation in the same tank for a year, and then goes into new American oak barrels for twenty-four months. After this time, it is returned to the stainless steel tank for another year, where it is refined before being bottled, and then it will also rest in the glass for at least another six months. Undoubtedly one of our most special wines, with which you will surely surprise your partner in a night as magical as this wine.

Discover all the wines recommended here and many other options for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner in our store. Taste and glamour the Valentine's Day evening!

Happy birthday to all lovers and remember that love must be celebrated every day of the year.


See you next time, wine lovers, 


Dis&Dis Team


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