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Wines on Offer - Black Friday Best Deals

The origins of Black Friday

Black Friday is a tradition that   originated in the United States , more precisely the term "Black Friday" has its origins in the city of Philadelphia.

The '60s  were a difficult time for small retailers and department stores in the United States, as sales stopped after Thanksgiving and only started a week or two before Christmas.

It was then that this group of traders came up with the idea of ​​launching a discount campaign on their products, just the day after Thanksgiving, a holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, so the day of the big discounts was set for Friday.

The purpose of this campaign was to motivate customers to start Christmas shopping long before.

That first Friday of the Philadelphia discounts was chaotic, cars and people crowded the streets looking for that item of clothing, accessory, or object that they liked, or that would solve one of their Christmas presents.

The news bulletins warned of the chaos in the city, and   the police who directed the traffic in that huge chaos were the ones who described it as Black Friday  , as a consequence of the heavy traffic, and the large number of people who wanted to take advantage of discounts.

It is also assumed that the term Black Friday may be related to the fact that small traders managed that day to move from a negative balance, in red, to a positive one, ie in black.

Whatever the exact origin of the term, we know for sure that it spread in a short time in the United States, in the second decade of the year two thousand it reached Latin America, and then in Europe.  

It arrived in Romania in 2015; We recall that one of the largest online stores, eMAG, made a statement to Ziarul Financiar, in which it explained that it participated for the first time in Black Friday and that it was a resounding sales success.

This annual event has had a big impact in recent years, as it is the largest promotion by most brands, which means a significant increase in annual revenue.

Wines on Offer - Black Friday

This year, Black Friday falls on  November 26,  and although in the past it was a single day, now stores, both physical and online, begin discounts a few days earlier, which has an unexpected impact. on products; many of them run out just before Black Friday.

In recent years, online stores have extended the Black Friday period and even attached it to the Cyber ​​Monday discount period.

More and more stores are going online, because the ease and convenience of shopping from anywhere at any time is a key factor in increasing sales during periods of intense discounts.

One of  the star products of Black Friday  this year is, without a doubt, wine , those expensive wines, now reduced, those wines of long aging and supreme quality, which you find with attractive discounts. Or those wines that, even if they are cheaper, have an excellent value for money.

If many times in the case of Black Friday discounts we do impulsive shopping and then the clothing items are forgotten, when we talk about wines, it is impossible to do so. Especially when we have a month of gifts and holidays ahead of us.

Quality wines are products that continue to evolve and acquire new shades if they are kept in optimal conditions and you can always have  a small reserve at home to enjoy a glass of wine at any time  . So whether you prefer to give wine to your loved ones for Christmas or New Year , or you want to impress your holiday guests, the Black Friday discounts are not to be missed.

Best Deals

There is a wine on offer on our website, which seems very special to us, it is called  Regina Vides  from Bodegas Hermanos Sastre, in Ribera de Duero, a winery with a clear commitment to quality and respect for the land, this winery produces this wonderful wine with the grape variety tempranillo, This wine, of which only six thousand bottles are produced, is aged for eighteen months and has an impressive character and personality.

Another wine offered, of a beautiful ruby ​​color and very aromatic, is  Garnacha de Dosterras  2016, from DO Montsant, a Garnacha that also comes from the old vineyards, these between fifty and sixty years, and from which not many bottles are produced. , in this case a little over eight thousand, a small and exclusive production, for this delicate and fine wine, which marks a sweet and velvety tannin and has a long and tasty finish.

Bodegas Sommos, which is part of this large selection of low-priced wines, surprises us with  Sommos Reserva , a blend of syrah, merlot, tempranillo and cabernet sauvignon, which is vinified separately to extract the maximum expression of each variety, and after which has been aged in French oak barrels for 12 months, the wine is finally blended.

A wine that has not gone unnoticed in the best international competitions, winning several awards. Sommos Reserva 2016 is a sweet wine, which gives us notes of plum and cinnamon, with a fine and elegant tannin, without a doubt one of our Spanish wines with more personality.

A classic of a lifetime, with the category that only a century-old winery can have, is  Muga Crianza , quality and temperament in equal parts, a wine that faithfully reflects the authentic Rioja wines, a sincere wine that expresses the variety and marks the territory , one of those wines on offer that is always good to have in your personal cellar.

Many of you are already thinking about Christmas, in fact these discounts are fantastic, so we can start stocking up on those products that we will consume later, such as wine. We suggest an  ideal wine to accompany the cake or the typical croissants  - a sweet Grenache, a wine made from very ripe grapes, especially gray Grenache and White Grenache, both from vineyards that are more than forty years old.

It is a typical dessert wine from one of the most emblematic areas of Catalonia, a sweet wine produced only in this area and which marks the character of its people and villages, a wine obtained through the solera system, where it has been no less than twelve years before bottling. 

If you want to know how to take advantage of Black Friday discounts, do not hesitate to visit  our online store . If you need help choosing wine, do not hesitate to write to us. Discover the wines, their aromas and the dishes they can be associated with, and stock up on wine for the holidays.


See you next time, wine lovers,

Dis&Dis Team

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