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Petit Verdot Wines


Petit Verdot wines stand out for their distinct character and richness of flavours.

The variety is native to the Bordeaux region of France, but has become increasingly popular around the world.

Grown mainly in warm, sunny climates, Petit Verdot is distinguished by the late ripening of the berries, which gives it a high concentration of colour, strong tannins and intense flavours.

In Bordeaux it was called The little green one precisely because it was never ripened at the same time as other varieties.
Black fruit notes such as plums and black strawberries are characteristic of this variety, along with dark chocolate, spice and herb flavours.

Petit Verdot can be used for single varietal wines but is most often used in blends with other varieties to add structure, depth and complexity to wines.

It is especially used to enhance red wines from regions such as Bordeaux, Castilla La Mancha, Extremadura, Tuscany or California. It is interesting to note how the flavours and texture of this variety change depending on the terroir where it adapts.

Wines made from Petit Verdot are usually medium to full-bodied, with moderate acidity and a long finish. They are ideal for pairing with red meat dishes, such as roast beef or lamb, and can also be enjoyed with aged cheeses.

In the selection prepared here you will find Petit Verdot red wines from different regions and paired with different varieties such as Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah, Graciano and more.
Discover the richness and distinctiveness of Petit Verdot wines and indulge in some of the most classic and elegant wines.