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Organic Wines


Organic wines are wines obtained from grapes grown using organic farming techniques and produced without artificial flavourings. 



The wine thus obtained may be labelled " obtained from organic grapes". The production of organic wines has gained a lot of attention lately.


People have started to give more importance to healthy eating, therefore many prefer organic wines to normal wines.



Organic wine production has been estimated at 5% of world wine production.


Let's look at the facts first and see what organic wine is and why it's better.

What are Organic Wines?


The simple definition of organic wine is " wine made from wine grapes, which are grown through organic farming". The methods vary from country to country, without using artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.


There is also a second way of vinification, which is done by fermenting grapes into wine. Many elements can be added in the fermentation process, but they cannot exceed 5% of the total product.


In Europe, the number of sulphites must not exceed 100 mg per litre to receive environmental certification.


For the reduction of sulphites in glass, organic vinification also excluded illegal additives.


The biggest difference from conventional winemaking is the lack of colouring agents, concentrated wine additives and flavouring agents such as malic acid and caramel.


Benefits of Organic Wines


Organic wines are free of pesticides and chemicals, they are completely natural, without the addition of artificial substances.


Certified organic wines also have, on average,less sugar and do not contain potentially harmful additives, such as flavourings or caramel dyes. These additives plus a higher level of sugar lead to headaches.


So switching to organic products can help prevent headaches.


Another plus for organic wine is that there are real and lasting benefits for the environment and farmers in organic farming practices.


Specifically, organic vineyards where the soils are built with compost and contain more organic matter, which retains water much better. Organic vineyards are more resistant to more frequent droughts and temperature changes.



The United States, Spain, France and Italy are the largest holders of organic vineyards in the world.

Examples of Organic Wines


Below are some of the best quality organic wines you should try:



Cava Coratge Brut Reserva Organic

This is a wine with a very high sense of complexity and a very unique taste, which feels fine and offers a very relaxing feeling after returning from a very hectic day. In appearance, it has a pale yellow colour. It has a very strong aroma and should mainly be served with seafood.

Cava Stars Perelada Organic

It has a strong aroma, like spices, and its final taste is fresh, fruity and appetizing. The richness of the fruit gives way to a rich volume. Perfect to accompany Mediterranean cuisine, fish in tomato sauce.

Emilio Valerio Aintzioa 2016 Organic

Aintzioa comes from the same vineyards as La Merced, but in its composition, only the aromatic malvasía grapes are preserved, which alternate a certain bitter tone with reminiscences of perfume and musk. An intense and attractive white wine with dried fruit, liver pate, cheese or fruit desserts.

Emilio Valerio 2018 Organic

It is an old wine, fermented in very large wooden barrels, of 4,000 and 5,000 litres, in the Piedmontese style. This type of ageing gives it unique characteristics in terms of evolution, freshness and silky consistency. This wine goes well with Asian dishes and meat and regional cuisine, as well as sweets and chocolate.

Now, after our brief foray into organic wine, we hope you'll pay more attention to the region where your favourite wine comes from.

To conclude our article, we encourage you to visit our store for all  the organic wines  recommended here and many other options.

You can find them all here. Don't forget that the transport is free, so you just have to find the right wine and we will take care of the rest.


See you next time, wine lovers, 

Dis&Dis Team



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