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Perfect Wine Pairings for your 1st of May Picnic and BBQ

With the 1st of May quickly approaching, it is time to start planning outdoor picnic dinners and BBQ experiences with our friends. With the good weather and long sunny days, there is nothing more enjoyable than having an outdoor BBQ outside with a nice bottle of wine.


In this article, I´ll guide you on how to perfectly choose your bottle of wine to make this dining experience even more enjoyable, so that you can relax and fully enjoy the day, with the perfect match.


Factors to consider when choosing wine:


We know that choosing a wine can seem very complicated, but in reality, it is a very fun and exciting experience. Choosing the right bottle of wine can make all the difference, so there are a few aspects to keep in mind for choosing the right bottle for your outdoor experience. Here are some of the most important ones:




The weather is a key aspect of choosing the right bottle. It is not the same choosing a full-bodied, heavy red wine for cold days as a light easy drinking wine for warm days.


Given that the weather on the 1st of May is sunny and warm, we would suggest going for a light or medium-bodied red wine. A cold and fruity white wine is also ideal for these sunny days, especially if we have lunch outdoors. Few things can beat the experience of drinking a chilled and fresh white wine with the sun shining and the birds chirping. Also, a rose one can be perfect for the occasion, as it is fresh and fruity, very easy to drink and enjoy.


Food pairing:


The next thing to consider is the food that you will be having on the picnic or BBQ. It is important to properly pair the food with the wine, to make the experience even more enjoyable and relaxing. Good wine pairing can make all the difference, as the flavour of the dish should complement the flavours of the wine.


If you are serving red meat in the BBQ, we would recommend a medium-bodied red wine, such as Pinot Noir. It is not very heavy, so it is perfect for sunny days, and the tannins and acidity of Pinot Noir perfectly complement the flavours of the grilled red meat. If you are having light and cold dishes on the picnic, like cold cuts, cheese or hummus, we recommend a crisp and light white wine, that will perfectly complement the picnic dishes.




When choosing the wine, you need to consider what is the occasion and ambiance you want to recreate. If you are looking for a festive option, you can always opt for a fresh sparkling wine, such as prosecco or cava. If you are looking for a more intimate moment, with your close friends or loved ones, you can always opt for a classical wine, such as an elegant Sauvignon Blanc or a smooth merlot.


It is also important to remember the outdoor activity that you are planning, is not the same as drinking wine in a park, where you may not have a corkscrew as drinking wine in a private outdoor garden. If you are planning to choose the first one, I would recommend opting for a corkscrew wine, which has the same flavour but is easier to open it.




Finally, consider your budget. To enjoy a good bottle of wine, there is no need to break the bank. There are plenty of affordable wine options, from lesser-known wine regions or wine countries that are extremely good and delicious, so you don’t need to spend a fortune on good wine.


Best wines for the 1st of May picnic and BBQ


Now that we have taken into consideration several factors when choosing the perfect wine for the 1st of May weekend, we will dive into the different grape varieties that can make a good match on this special event:


1.      Sauvignon Blanc:


Sauvignon Blanc is a very versatile grape variety, ideal for all wine lovers looking for fresh and crisp wine. The taste of the sauvignon blanc can vary depending on the terroir where it is grown, but normally the grape is high in acidity, with aromatic intensity and grapefruit notes. This white wine can pair perfectly with a vast range of foods, from fish and seafood to vegetables.


2.      Rose Wine

We can´t talk about outdoor picnics without mentioning Rose wines. With minerality and a Mediterranean touch, these wines are perfect for outdoor activities. Rose wines are very popular among wine lovers because they are very versatile and easy to pair. We recommend pairing them with vegetables, cheeses, cold cuts and fish.


3.      Pinot Noir


Pinot Noir is the perfect red wine for warm and sunny days. With a light-medium body and silky tannins, this is the perfect red to pair with delicious grilled meat and vegetables. Also, it is a very easy wine to drink, as it has a low alcohol content, which normally it ranges between 13% ABV.


4.      Cabernet Sauvignon


A popular and world-known grape, Cabernet Sauvignon pairs perfectly with BBQ, grilled meats and barbecue sauces. It is ideal for those wine lovers looking for a full-bodied red wine, with aromas of dark fruit such as black cherry, blackberry and blackcurrant. It is a very elegant grape. If you are planning to do a BBQ in a private garden, and you want to go for the safe option, bring a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. 


5.      Prosecco


The delicious and fresh prosecco doc made of glera grapes is ideal for those sunny days outside. Perfect to pair with all type of foods.


In conclusion, there are many options to find the perfect wine pairing for your 1st of May picnic and BBQ. Whether you are starting to discover the world of wine or are a wine connoisseur, we hope that you got inspired by our wine options, so that next time you plan a tour picnic party, you will choose the right bottle.


Cheers to a fantastic 1st of May picnic and BBQ!


See you later, wine lovers,


Victoria Estrada

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